Saturday, November 5, 2011


$3.00 off printable coupon for Ding Card Game
available at Walmart.
I'm not sure how much it goes for.


Still trying to figure out the cigarette making thing,
not the actual making process but the filters.
I got the 100's filters but they seem a little strong.
I told the clerk at the store I smoked Doral light 100's
and he gave me these below which while they are 100's
taste like a full flavored cigarette.

I'm thinking he might have gave me the wrong item.
I want the light 100's like these-



I seem to amaze myself at times. I can find coupons
for just about anything, lol. Last night Tony
went to the store and when he came back out his
car almost didn't start. We knew we would eventually
need a starter and have been putting it off.
Tony called around and found a used one for $45 ($5 core exchange)
at Wirthman Brothers
located at 3515 E. Main St. Cols.
He had forgotten the phone number to check the hours
so I found their website. Well I discovered
that their website had a 10% discount off
your purchase printable coupon.
Starter- $45
with coupon makes it $40.05
Will have saved $4.50 with this coupon.

Now my next question is this-

I received coupons from O'Reillys auto parts
for for $10 off a 5+ quart jug of
Valvoline Maxlife high mileage motor oil.

I know Meijers takes competitor coupons
but I wonder if they would take coupons
from O'Reilys?

Meijers has the 5.1 qt jug along with
an oil filter on sale next week
for $18.38 (that includes the $7.00 rebate
they have) Now if I could use this coupon
along with that sale I could
have a do it yourself oil change items
for only $8.38

You will see on the coupon I had written
$28.99. That's how much the oil alone would
cost if I purchase it at O'Reilys.



Back from running around.
Stopped in the smoke shop to get the
right filter tubes I needed to make cigarettes.
Went over to E. Main St. to buy a used starter for
our car. The starter costs $125 for a new one.
The guy quoted Tony and Wirthman Brothers
$45 for a used one. With online coupon
they sold it to us at an lower price with
the coupon of only $35!
Compared to new that's a savings of $90!!

We stopped by Tony's work.
We noticed that the Halloween store
cleared out and walked over to their
dumpster to see if they threw anything good out.

I found a dominatrix whip, lol.
A batman belt, toy machine gun with sounds
(not pictured) and an adult football costume.

We stopped in the shop at Tony's work
and then checked out a few dumpsters nearby.
I found a black velvet stocking & a bottle
of unopened wine (I'm thinking a work Christmas
present. Put the bottle of wine in the stocking
and call it a gift).
I also found a blue snuggie that I'm going
to wash up and give to Jonathan for Christmas.
He's a couch lounger and likes to cuddle up
in blankets. Jonathan found a large
bag of 100% Whey protein. And lastly I found me a shirt
and three large plastic rubbermaid totes (not pictured)


On the way home we stopped at a garage sale.
I bought a couple necklaces for .50 cents.
These will be a Christmas gift for mom.

I also got kitty a couple of Christmas
presents that he got as an early gift.
One is a tunnel ($20 at Petsmart) that makes a crinkling
sound when he goes in it- .50 cents
And the other is a play rocker with
dangle ball at top and rolling tube
ball on the sides .50 cents.

At this garage sale they had a new bullit
blender set with cups and caps for $5.
I probably could have gotten it for $4
but passed on the whole thing.
They go for $50 on Amazon.
Now I'm wondering if I should've bought it
after seeing how much they go for brand new.



All I kept thinking about was that bullit blender
so I finally went back over to the yard sale.
They were actually starting to put the stuff
away. I got out and asked the lady if she had
it still and she said no. I said I see you are
putting things away, are you marking anything down?
I had been eyeballing a little Christmas tree
earlier that was $1.00. I said would you take
.50 cents for it. It is a fiber optic tree
so I had her plug it in for me to see if it worked.
She plugged it in and it did nothing.
She said I could have it, woo hoo.
So here's my free little Christmas tree.
I thought I could put it in the windowsill
or maybe on the front stoop with some
white lights on it. It's maybe
2 feet tall if that. I can't believe I
was actually fluffing up a Christmas tree
in the beginning of November! Ahhhh!
I got a weird look from Tony when walking
back to the truck with the baby tree.
He was like what are we going to do with that.
If people could just crawl in my head for
one day to see what goes on in there to
realize my though process when I see things
and what could become of them then I wouldn't
need to find time to explain myself for everything
I do, LOL.



Got one more thing crossed off the honey do list,
got the car put away for Winter with it's blankie,
the car cover. It will be nice now to use
the driveway once again and be able to park up
under the carport once again. When I park
up under there I don't have to scrape windows
or brush snow of the truck.

And as we were doing all this and getting
the fence put back up we heard the Goodyear
blimp flying over the house. Football game must
be over with.



Before putting the car away for the Winter we
had to clean out a few bicycle projects
near the place where the car was to be parked.
We contacted "Scrapper Dude" as we call him
from down the street to see if he wanted the
scrap bicycles. Since I know this person
at times prowls the streets and curbsides
for scrap metal I had Jonathan ask him
to be on the look out for some wooden
bed foot & headboards. It just so happened
he had one at his house.
So here is the twin bed boards he gave us
that I have to work with to make a headboard
bench for my in-laws for Christmas.
The only thing missing is one wooden
brace across the foot board but I think
I could figure out how to put another piece
in its place. It'll all be painted one
solid color in the ends so it wouldn't matter.
I saw some scrap wood in a dumpster at Tony's
work that I think I could use as cross boards
for the seat area. I'm trying to do this
as cheaply as I can with possible no cost
at all to make.
Hopefully it will turn out something like THIS.


so you can an extra hours sleep tomorrow morning :0)


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