Saturday, November 12, 2011


Trying to decide what to take to my brothers
for Thanksgiving. Here is what I was thinking-

-deviled eggs & pickled deviled eggs

-green bean casserole
I also add in a half package of bacon, chopped & cooked.
Instead of sour cream I use french onion dip.

-cake mix yeast rolls

-peaches and cream pie

-dutch apple pie
Use this pie crust HERE.
Use this pie filling HERE.


Tony has the pager this weekend for on call emergencies.
Got a call this morning about 2-2:30am from the pager.
It was the police calling saying the alarm at their
shop kept going off every 15 minutes so Tony
had to go over there at wee hours of the morning
and turn it off.

Getting ready to go to Kroger and pick up a few basic
things like milk, cat food and especially some tissues.
Everyone who's getting a runny nose is using up all
the toilet paper. I splurge and buy the kind with
lotion in it. So worth it instead of a raw nose!

I also have some freebie Kroger coupons like-
half gallon of Kroger ice cream,
dozen Kroger eggs,
6 pack Kroger paper towels



Back from Kroger and going out on a call.
No sooner pulled into a parking spot at Kroger
and the pager went off. So had to take
care of the call first and then back to
Kroger we went.

I found a couple marked down items.

2 bags of Brach's caramel apple candy corn. .37 cents each.
I can use this in some homemade candy corn fudge for Christmas.

large bag of 120 Pixy Stix candy. .67 cents
Will bundle these up and add them to the
goody snack boxes for Christmas.

Weather radio.
was $19.99
paid $10.00
Christopher has been wanting this for the past
year and I wasn't paying $20 for it.
It will get put back as a Christmas gift.

We stopped in the convenience store just up
the street from Tony's work. He has another
side job Monday evening to replace someone's locks.
This sure has been a good place to round up some side jobs.


$1.00 off 2 Nabisco crackers printable coupon.

Sure wish I had known about this coupon before I went
to Kroger. I bought 2 boxes of Ritz vegetable crackers,
our favorite, for $2.00 a box. Still a half way decent
price for Ritz crackers without coupons.
Store brand was $1.50.


.50 cents printable coupon good on 1 bag of
Tollhouse chocolate chips. ($1.00 double)


6 Black Friday Deals You Can Get This Weekend (Nov. 11-13)

Dollar General:

Dollar General shoppers can take advantage of Black Friday prices this weekend. The dollar store will run a sale on Sunday, Nov. 13, through Saturday, Nov. 19. Shoppers can save even more money during a pre-holiday sale from Nov. 13 through Nov. 15.

I would love to get hold of a couple of the Dollar General
Polaroid 4GB MP3 music and video players with 1.5-inch color LCD for $15.
Sale starts tomorrow. Both boys have an MP3 player on their
Christmas list.
It's regular $30. You can get them online tomorrow
and I see it's got free shipping.

I think the sale is good online and in stores.
I never have any luck at getting any sale
items like this or any Black Friday sales
so we'll see how this goes.


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