Tuesday, November 8, 2011


9:30am - 12:00pm

Went grocery shopping at Meijers.
This trip has to rank up there in the top
twp worst trips to the grocery store.
I did save bunches and I will show you
that below. But first I wanted to tell you of
my experience---

The cashier rung up all my items and I then
handed her my coupons. She scanned off the
regular coupons from the inserts you receive.
Then she started nit picking my printable coupons
apart! She took out all my printable coupons
from the coupon stack I had and said I couldn't
use them because they should of had some bubble
mark where the expiration date was. I had never
heard of such a thing. She calls over another
person who tells her to look through the fraudulent
coupon binder that they have at each checkout.
They went through it comparing my coupons
to the ones they had in it. I had NO fraudulent
coupons. I was so emberassed! They still would
not take off my printed coupons. They called over
yet another employee to the checkout. So now there
is three girls nit picking over my printable coupons
telling me that I can't use any of them.
I had like 20 or more of them. Then they all proceeded
to tell me that I couldn't use the two Kroger coupons
I had in my stack as well. Absolute craziness!
Meijers takes competitor's coupons and I know that
for a fact and have used them there before without a problem.
Now along with these three girl employees comes
a cart person. There was a person behind me
who had already put their groceries on the conveyor
belt. The cart person helped them remove them all
and take them to a different checkout.
So now there are three girls and a guy at my checkout.
I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I'm exhausted,
blood pressure is going up, I needed a cigarette REALLY BAD,
my mouth felt dry and I could've crawled under the
nearest rock for all the crap these people were putting
me through. I spent a week or more doing my coupons
for this trip and spent the last two days working
on a grocery list. Hell I expected them to call in
security at any given point but they didn't.
Finally the manager comes over to my lane.
She asks the cashier what the register was saying
when she tried to scan my printable coupons.
I think the manager was a little irritated by this
whole situation and how the employees handled it.
The manager scanned all my printable coupons
and said she didn't have a problem with it.
She even took of the two Kroger coupons I had.
One lady that looks over the checkouts had
made a comment earlier that she wished they would
do away with the printable coupons that they are
such a hassle. I bit my tongue but wanted to tell
her, You must not be struggling like the rest of
us who has to rely on coupons to feed our families!
I heard the manager say to all her employees in my lane
(as we were pushing our cart away) that they
all have gone to classes to learn about coupons
and things like this and should have known how
to do coupons and such instead of it getting to this point.

All I know I was humiliated in this store by three
ladies who thought I had counterfeit, xeroxed coupons.
I had a total of 5 employees that had to come
to my lane to get the problem fixed!! In the end
it was of no fault of my own. I know already
when I enter this store, or have to use
the customer service desk, I get "the look".
I'm sure they talk about me behind my back.
They know who I am and that I am a coupon user.
I feel like a criminal in Meijers when I use coupons.
I know and play by all coupon rules!!!!!!!!!!!
But I still get treated this way.

I did look over my receipt because the total
came up to $10 more than what it should have been.
I was sure some coupons got lost somewhere and
wasn't taken off my bill when they exchanged so
many hands in my checkout lane.
I had 55 coupons and only counted 52-53 on my receipt.
I have not gone through my receipt to see
if anything might have rung up wrong.
I'll do it later as I am so ready for a nap at the moment!!

This was the shopping trip my friend
gave to me for my birthday.
She let me pick out $100 or so in groceries
free of charge to me. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH KENDRA!!!

I spent $111.62
(should've been $102 because they didn't scan some coupons!)

I saved $120.87

So I got $232.49 worth of groceries for $111.62!!!

I saved 52% on my groceries
and got double of what my limit was to begin
with by using coupons and sales.

Note the cashier's name on this receipt
and be sure not to use her at this Meijers
when using coupons!!!! TABITHA

That's two cashiers that I will NOT use anymore
because of screwing up my transactions.


My friend Kendra also gave me these items today.
She gets so stocked up with freebie items,
using coupons and sales, that she gives
me some things that she has no room for.
10 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios (I now have 20 boxes!)
4 rolls paper towels.

Kendra's mom goes through her stuff
yearly and gives me some non-food items
that she doesn't want. So here is
some of those items.
Not pictured is a cordless phone, Splenda cookbook,
and a bag of clothes.
Pictured, a new pair of Sketcher shoes!!
and a bathroom set for toothbrushes and hand soap.

It has been a VERY nice birthday for me!
I LOVE practical things as gifts!

Now, next Monday we will celebrate my birthday
here at home. When my honey asked what I wanted
I told him I needed a hand mixer. Mine got old
and the beaters kept clanging together.
I really need something like this before the
holidays with all the cooking and baking I do.
So have to wait til Monday to see :0)



Today with coupons I got some of these snack items-

2 Bugles & 4 Chex Mix for .05 cents a bag!!

4 Snickers candy bars .30 cents each

In the past couple of weeks I've gotten
these items for free-

Tic Tacs & Starbursts

I will be looking for 4 medium sized boxes
for Christmas. I'll start filling each one
with goodies like snacks, treats and maybe some pop.
The three boys and Tony will each get
a goody box with their own treats in it
from mom for Christmas.

So I will be on the lookout for cheap items- sales matched
up with coupons to make these boxes possible.


Cheap and easy recipe for the day-

Candy Corn Fudge

After Halloween you can find bags of candy
corn marked down to as low as .25 cents a bag.
If you can find the caramel corn candy corn
that is red and brown that would work great
for Christmas fudge.

In a bowl pour a bag of semi sweet chocolate
chips. Place in microwave. Melt in intervals
of 30 seconds at a time, removing each time
and stirring, until completely melted.

Once melted, stir in a tub of frosting.

You can use different flavor combinations
of chips and frostings like-

peanut butter chips with chocolate,
white chips with strawberry,
and so on.

Once frosting is stirred into melted
chips then stir in about a cup of
candy corn.

Spread into a pan lined with aluminum
foil. Allow to harden in fridge.
Cut into bars.


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