Monday, November 14, 2011



I made up some black bottom cupcakes for my birthday.
I ended up with a dozen regular cupcakes
and 2 dozen mini cupcakes.
I think the mini cupcakes turn out
better, look wise, than the regular ones
because the cream cheese filling doesn't
sink so far into the cupcake when baking.


The .55 cents ($1.10 double) coupon is back on 2 dozen eggs.

I just used two of them last week at Meijers
so they must of reset to have been able to print two more.

This was last week's Meijer deal-
.99 cents dozen eggs x's 2 is $1.98
minus $1.10 was .88 cents for 2 dozen eggs
or .44 cents a dozen.

Then I got a free coupon from Kroger
and got another dozen eggs.

And people wonder why I volunteered to
bring deviled eggs for Thanksgiving, lol.



Wow, I just got back from picking Christopher
up from the bus stop and the temperature
was 72 degrees out! That's a first in awhile.
Around my birthday is usually when we start
seeing a few of those white things floating
around in the sky. Not saying it, don't
want to jinx us all, lol.

Gosh, trying to think back at the last November
that I was able to have the windows open with
a nice breeze flowing through the house, ummm....
I just can't recall.



Going out to Taco Bell tonight for my birthday.
About all we can afford at the moment with
Christmas coming up in the near future and
saving pennies for that. It doesn't matter
just as we're all together :0)

Sherry 7 years old.

Sherry today at 41 years old
We've come a long way baby!

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