Thursday, November 3, 2011


If you've signed up for Kohls sales alerts and got
your $5.00 off $5.00 or more coupon
be sure to check your email for another
coupon good for and additional 15%
off Nov. 4-6 only. Both coupons
are also good on sale and clearance items.
You do have the option to not print the
coupons and use the codes on them online
The $5.00 coupon says it can be combined
with other offers so you can use both
$5.00 and 15% coupons at once!
Try THIS LINK to see if you are able to
print the 15% off coupon.

We used to have a Kohls 5 minutes from here
but they closed it down. That really sucks.
Now I have to travel about 5 miles to go
to one.


Here are some printable coupons for movies.
Be sure to watch for upcoming sales
and possible rebates to go with them.

$3.00 off Marley & Me

$3.00 off Diary of a Wimpy Kid

$3.00 off Marmaduke

$2.00 off Ice Age

$2.00 off Alvin and the Chipmunks

$3.00 off Percy Jackson and the Olympians

$3.00 off Knight and Day

$2.00 off Fantastic Mr. Fox

$2.00 off Monte Carlo

$3.00 off Just Wright


Free 1 year subscription to Baseball Digest magazine.
Allow 6-8 weeks for your first magazine to arrive.


I was going to make my turkey today. I think I'm
just too tired to mess with it. I didn't sleep
well and think I'll do it tomorrow.

This turkey isn't for Thanksgiving. That will be another turkey.
Last year I brined my first turkey and it came out
moist and juicy. I might do that again this year
for thanksgiving.
Check out recipes for turkey brine HERE.


Today while in Speedway I found these coupons
by the pizza warmer near the checkout.
They are for a free slice of pizza when
you purchase a 32 ounce fountain drink.
They are good through 11-30-11.

A cheap supper, lunch or snack that will
cost you $1.09 +tax for drink and a slice of pizza.

Pizza slices are usually $1.00 each when you buy 2
or maybe $1.50? if you buy just 1.


Discounts on liquor through the holiday.

COLUMBUS (AP) -- The state's liquor control agency says it's reducing prices on certain liquors and offering holiday items and gift packs.

The Department of Commerce's Division of Liquor Control said Wednesday that discounts from 25 percent to 40 percent are offered on certain sizes, flavors and items from more than 100 brands of liquors.

Among the brands are Absolut, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Johnnie Walker.


Cosmic catnip sample.
Will arrive in 6-8 weeks.


Like Hallmark on Facebook to print a
$5.00 off $10 or more coupon.
Good through 11-13.
Limited to the first 35,000.
When I clicked to print it allowed me to print
as many as I wanted. Your name will
appear on the coupon.
Limit one coupon per customer.

November 4-6 Hallmark is having an
Holiday Open House Event in stores to start off
the shopping season.
Here's one of the deals you can get then-

Recordable story book
reg. $29.99
sale price $19.99 with any purchase
minus $5 coupon
makes it $14.99

There are 5 Hallmark stores in Columbus
including one in Easton.


free christmas story

Surprise your child with this free Christmas story book reading by Santa. Head on over to A Story Before Bed and enter your email address and your child’s name and then click on the “Send My Request to Santa” button. Then check you email and click on the confirmation link; in mid-December, you’ll receive a link to a recording of Santa reading the book For Christmas Day to your child.


The other day I got two free International Delight coffee creamers-
Butter Pecan (my favorite) and vanilla caramel cream.

Did you know you can make fancy flavored whipped cream
with International Delight?
Beat with mixer- half International Delight creamer
with half whipping cream.

Butter Pecan whipping cream on an apple pie?
Doesn't that sound good for Thanksgiving??!!


Guide to Turkey buying:

8-12lb turkey for 2-4 people;
a 12-16lb turkey for 5-7 people;
a 16-20lb turkey for 8-10 people;
and a 20-24lb turkey for 11-13 guests.


Winter seems to be coming fast. Be sure to remember to put
your ceiling fans counterclockwise to save on heating costs.



I got my turkey prepped and ready to go for tomorrow.
Good thing I didn't bake it today as Tony just informed
me we are going to Groveport tonight so he can
do another side job of fixing a ceiling fan
dangling from this person's ceiling.

I mixed together 1/3 cup butter (country crock shed's spread),
1/3 cup honey mustard (from Aldi)
and maple syrup (sugar-free Kroger brand)
onion & garlic powder, pepper
I put in microwave til butter was melted then stirred together.

I injected this mixture into the turkey.
Any remaining sauce I poured over top the
turkey breast and legs.
Add 3-4 slices of bacon under the skin
of the turkey breast. You can add more
to the cavity inside the turkey if you wish.
Next I put bacon strips all over the turkey
on top of the sauce then place aluminum foil
over top and set in fridge.

Tomorrow we will bake this bad boy up.


.55 cents off ($1.10 doubled)
on any Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix.


Like Rayovak on Facebook to print these coupons-

$3.00 off Rayovac hearing aid batteries.
Check the manager special bin at Kroger.
I'm pretty sure I saw some hearing aid batteries in there.

$1.00 of Rayovak alkaline batteries.
Stock up for those Christmas gifts that may need them.
Sometimes they go on sale for $1.00.


Like Hasbros Family Game Night on Facebook

to get a $5.00 off printable coupon
for an electronic Simon Flash game.
Expires 11/30/11

Target also has a $5.00 of Hasbro Flash games
printable coupon. Expires 11/23/11

You can use both these coupons on one game
for a total of $10 off!!
One is a Target store coupon and the other is
a manufacture coupon. This is called stacking coupons.


Hoping to get my cigarette maker tomorrow.
Just checked the tracker and it was in Cincinatti
at 7am this morning.
I've been looking for a tobacco store nearby.
It seems that there are over 500 in the Columbus
area if you would like to check them out to
see where they are located.



Just returned home from Groveport.
Tony made $40 tonight doing a side job.
Any money is good money to help out
during the holidays and plus y'all
know that natural gas bill is going to get
stupid soon. So it will help with bills as well.

I was going to celebrate my birthday
next Sunday the 13th (birthday is actually Monday)
with family. Tony told me tonight that a
coworker of his said he'd give him $50
if he would take the on call pager for
him next weekend. I was all for the extra $50
plus any overtime. I don't need to celebrate
my birthday on my birthday give or take.
$50 or being reminded that I'm another year older?
I'll take the $50! LOL.

Tony still has one more side job to do sometime
and that is putting brakes on his boss' car.

Well I'm tired and want to head to bed soon.
Eyes are burning outta my head.
I didn't really get a nap today so I'm
pretty exhausted.


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