Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Me, mom and my childhood's friend's girlfriend
all went thrift store shopping this morning.
We went to two Ohio thrift stores but only
one had the 50% off most of the store.
I found this sheet with pink cabbage roses
on it for .99 cents. I thought it paired nicely
with the one I had already bought. Plan
to make potholders and aprons and possibly
fabric tote gift bags from them.


I also found this fabric shower curtain
I can use for a living room decoration,
whether it's a padded bench seat, pillows
or part of a wall hanging. I thought
the colors went with what I had in the
living room. I paid $3.00 for it.
It was $6.99, marked down to $5.99
and I got it for 50% off at $3.00.

Then in the Christmas area I found a couple yards of
this pretty, sheer like fabric that has candy canes
on it and is sparkly for .99 cents.

Well it's 2:30pm.
About time to go pick up one kiddo from
the bus stop. I got a few other items from
the thrift store so will post those once I get back.



I also found Christopher a pair of tennis shoes
for half price at the thrift store. I took
a chance at getting them because normally I
cannot find the right fit for his feet.
They fit perfectly!!
They were $10.99 but I got them half price
at $5.50 and looked almost new.

I found Jonathan this skateboard game that
hooks up to the tv. He's been wanting one
for the XBox360. Going to try and get one
tomorrow at Kroger with the holiday bonus.
But just in case they don't have any more
I got this one instead even though it's
just a plug and play game.
I paid $4.99 for it.
They go for $43 new!

Even though we only hit two thrift stores
I was so tired and my back was hurting from
walking around them. I got in a nap before
the kids got home from school. Still feels
like I could sleep for a lot longer.


I don't know if many of you know about Freecycle.
I have used it many times before but not recently.

You need to sign up for Freecycle through
Yahoo groups.

Once you sign up be sure to check your email
for a confirmation email.

Columbus Freecycle is a place where you can post things
you want to get rid of. They have to be free of course.
You place the post of the item you want to get rid
of and people will respond to it (sent to your email)about wanting it.
You arrange a time and day for pick up with the person you

You can also post wants. For example-
Wanted- Dresser. But I think in order to start
posting any wants you have to at least post
one item that you are wanting to get rid of.
And I think wants are limited to once a week.

You want to make sure when you arrange a time
for a pick up that you make sure you do it.
You can be banned from the group for being
known as a no show. Other members can report
you if you don't hold up to your end of the
agreement. It becomes a waste of people's time
and gas so that's the reason for banning people
who don't follow these rules.

Everyday through your email you will get the posts
people make of things they want or things
they are getting rid of. You can always
respond to those by email. You are not always
chosen for the items but once in awhile you
get lucky if you respond fast enough.
And even though you write to the person saying
you would like the item they are giving away
don't always expect a response even to say,
sorry it's been taken. When freebies are posted
MANY people can respond to those posts
and it's not quite possible for the giver
to respond to each and every person who write them.

I used to get many things off Freecycle such
as beds, outdoor patio furniture, a gazebo,
wooden train table play set, clothes,
craft supplies, toiletry items. Once I even
requested a cell phone for my step-dad who broke
his and someone gave me one!

Don't get your hopes up if you post wants.
Sometimes you'll get lucky if someone has
the item you are looking for. But sometimes
you may not get the first response.

If anything just sign up for the group and
confirm you email to become a member to be
able to see the daily posts of freebies and
wants that you can respond to.

Another site I use to browse freebies is Craigslist.
You can check out the free section HERE.



For about the last hour I worked on making some
wall art for the living room. If you've ever
priced wall decorations or even pictures
they are very expensive. I cannot afford them
unless I find something cheap at a yard sale.
So instead I make my own.

I used 4 wooden photo frames and covered them with fabric.
It was made from a shower curtain.

I ripped out all the fabric I had in the window
frame and replaced it with the shower curtain fabric.
The window frame I found along side of the road.

And I still have some extra fabric left over
should I decide to make a padded bench seat
for the bench that I found for free this past Summer.



It's been a good evening. With Thanksgiving, our trash
day has been pushed ahead a day. And with that comes
an extra day of trash around here causing an overflowing
trash can. So we took a trip to my hubby's work
to throw away excess trash. Hubby told us there
was a move out and they left a ton of stuff behind.
So my ears perked up when he said that.
So tonight we got to what I call apartment dive.
The apartment I guess had already been picked
over by other employees but I was able to still
find a lot of needed things.
I ended up with the back end of the Suburban full
of freebies. The furniture was in poor condition
so I didn't put claims on any of it. There was
a dresser but it looked like a dog chewed up
the bottom of it pretty good. When I apartment dive
the main thing I look for is food, cleaning supplies
and toiletries. Any other thing is a bonus.

I can show you the refrigerated/ frozen food items
I found since those items needed put away.
The other stuff I will go through tomorrow
and will post what I found. Too tired at the moment
and are just now sitting down to eat supper.

Tony got an emergency page while we were at his work
and then we had to go to Kroger to pick up
a few things like cat food and basic stuff.

Well I am off here. My show Ghost Hunters is on.

-4 pound bag of chicken breasts
-chicken breast strips
-4 fish fillets
-Italian sausage
-Banquet entree
-bag of onions
-2 jars bacon bits
-Swiss cheese slices
-2 bags mixed veggies
-Tropical fruit cups
-Bella cheese
-bag of carrots

Oh yeah, and one more thing, Tony's boss
gave him a box of Christmas light because
some of our strands of lights quit working this year.


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