Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Printable BAKING coupons-

Gold Medal Flour .50 cents ($1.00 doubled)

Nestle Toll House Dark Chocolate Morsels .50 cents ($1.00 doubled)

Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes (8.5-8.6 oz)

General Mills-
cake mix & frosting
Cookie mixes
Muffin mix
Pie Crusts

Campbell's Gravy .50 cents ($1.00 doubled) off 4

$1.00 off 5 Campbells cream soups



5lb bag Gold Medal Flour
$2.25 - .50 printable coupon above = $1.75

15 ounce canned pumpkin $1.00

Betty Crocker cake mix $1.25
Betty Crocker frosting $1.70
printable coupon above for .60 cents off
cake mix & frosting
makes it $2.35 for both or $1.17 each

Reynolds Turkey bags 2 pk $2.00

4 pack baking stencils $1.00

3 pack rubber spatulas $1.00

Measuring cups or spoons $1.00

Blue dot buy 1 get 1 free fall & winter family apparel
(excludes socks)


Cheap stores to shop at for Christmas-






SHOPPERS WORLD (Northern Lights Shopping Center)



I hope y'all signed up for Kohls sales alerts
by email to get your $5.00 off next purchase!
It can take a week or so to get.
I just checked a couple of my emails and
was able to print off 2 of the $5 off coupons.
To me that means two free or cheap gifts!!



I got 10 pounds of potatoes cubed up a cooking on the stove.
One pot is for mashed potatoes and the other for fried potatoes.

Tonights supper is stroganoff over mashed potatoes.
1 pound ground turkey $1.59
1 twin pack Betty Crocker stroganoff $1.50
potatoes- FREE

Total cost- $3.09
serves 6 servings @ .51 cents a serving

Tomorrow I'll work on baking up a turkey
and serve it with stuffing and mashed
potatoes and gravy.

If need be I'll freeze any leftover turkey
and mashed potatoes we don't eat.

The other potatoes will be fried and used
for some breakfasts or other meals.

I also decided to bake up some muffins.
I used 2 packs of Jiffy Muffin mix-
Banana Nut and Bran with Dates.

I combined the two in a bowl,
in a small bowl I mashed up one banana
and 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter and
stirred it into the muffin mixes, added 2 eggs
and 2/3 cup milk. I had some extra cereal
that the kids weren't eating so I topped
the muffins with Sugar Pops before baking.
I hate to see stuff like this go to waste so
try to use it on things like pies, desserts,
muffins, yogurt, etc.

2 muffin mixes .54 cents
banana & peanut butter .25 cents
2 eggs .44 cents
milk .15 cents
Sugar Pops FREE

total cost for 12 muffins $1.38
or .11 cents per muffin.



Here's some goodies my honey has found me
at work this week :0)

Wallet, ash tray, 2 bathroom rugs & BBQ grill with side burner.
Nevermind the plastic bags on the grill as those
were used to tie the lid down because the
grill is actually laying on its side
in the rear of the truck. I just flipped
the pictures around for better viewing.



I've been a coupon printing fool today,
ok for about the past week.
My honey even brought home a couple sales door bags
from work from empty apartments with coupons in them.
I even went out and got some ink to refill
my printer cartridges so I could print coupons.

Next Monday my friend is taking me out to
go grocery shopping at about double the expense
of what I normally spend a week, for my birthday.
While I don't know what sales are next week
(and are praying that I get my sales bag on the door Sunday
so I have time to plan my list with sales and coupon match ups)
I am hoping to be prepared to get some really good
deals to make the money stretch further.
Really hoping for some good Thanksgiving food

Well all, it's been a long and exhausting and
stressful day. My legs are aching and I just popped
a couple ibuprofen. Ready to go lay down in bed
with the electric blanket on and watch my
Ghost Hunters.


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