Friday, November 25, 2011



I told the kids we'd put the Christmas tree up today.
I know you see the ads and shows on tv for Christmas
but the reality doesn't sink in til you start getting
the stuff out and putting it up in your own home.

Tony has to work today so it's just me and the kids
putting up the tree. This weekend me and him
will work on getting the lights put up outside.

It just feels good that one holiday is out of the
way and now have to figure out how to get through
the next one.

Oh gosh, just the thought of digging all the Christmas
stuff out of the basement makes my head spin.
I see the house looking like a war zone before
it's all said and done. So much to do and not
enough energy to do it all. Still have some
stomach pains that come and go and a hip that
feels like bones are rubbing together.
This will be an interesting day if I survive it, lol.
Oh yeah, add in a cat that I worry will mess with
the tree once up. Need to get me a water spray
bottle on stand by.



Got the Christmas tree up, plugged in and fluffed
and that's about as far as I've gotten with it.

I'm sure I'll rearrange it a few more times
before getting it the way I like it.
I found 4 strands of christmas bulb garland
last year on a 75% to 90% off clearance.
And I found 4 strands of crystal like garland
at a yard sale this year for .50 cents each new.

Having lunch now with some leftovers from yesterday.
Homemade jumbo rolls topped with turkey, stuffing,
velveeta, salt, pepper & butter.

By not having Thanksgiving at our home this year
I sure do miss having all the leftovers.
We did manage to bring home some though.

I still have a turkey in the freezer that needs
used up soon so plan on having that within
the next week with our own little Thanksgiving dinner.

I buy groceries in advance before holidays, sometimes
a year in advance if I find the cheap sales and stock up.
I buy an extra turkey each year to have the
following year. So this year, with having
Thanksgiving at my brothers at almost a last
minutes notice, I still have my turkey
in the freezer. So if anyone wonders why I would
make a turkey not long after Thanksgiving
that's the reason.


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Was rearranging the garland on the tree when some of
it got caught and tangled in the branches to the
point I couldn't get it off. I thought I could
snip a piece of the tree fluff off to get it undone
and the next thing I know is I hear- ding, ding, ding,
ding, all over the flour. I accidentally snipped
part of the bulb garland instead and half the strand
came undone hitting the floor bouncing all over the place
like little balls. AHHHH!
Now I've got about 20-30 little red balls rolling all over
the floor and the cat's batting them around everywhere!
I dread putting up Christmas decorations!



Tony just called from work. I guess they are doing
their yearly health insurance enrollment thing.

You thought I was stressed and ready to bawl my
eyes out with my dryer going out last weekend?
Well what he told me about our insurance just
took any Christmas spirit out of me.
I thought our health insurance was going
to go up to around $480 a month, WRONG!
Try $600 a month!!
I am totally freaked out about it.
You're so screwed if you don't have
health insurance and so screwed if you do.
I'm cutting back even more than before
and now I have to worry about an extra
$200 coming out of our pay each month.
What's it going to be next year or the
following years???
This is crazy crap to put it nicely.
I still forked out $3-$4,000 this past year
for prescriptions, doctor, & hospital bills WITH insurance!
And I still owe probably about $1000.

For the past 3.5 years I've been trying to pay
an extra $150 a month more on the house
payment. With the insurance going up
I see that going out the window and just
paying the regular payments a month.
So much for trying to have the house paid off
before retirement huh. Totally screwed
no matter how hard I try.

Mom's calling me trying to talk and
I'm just not in the mood. She's telling
me that they want to get me a new dryer
for Christmas. I'm just getting
more irritated by the minute with every
little thing that is going on.
My dryer is fine and I'm sure it can be fixed
for around $30. I don't need someone spending
money on me like that for a new dryer which
costs about $300 to $400.

I just feel like there is a big ass curse
hovering over our heads at the moment.
I'd love to see a little glimpse of light
at the end of the tunnel.

Mom's telling me not to go overboard on
Christmas this year to try and cut back.
What do I have to go overboard with???
Is there a money tree out back that I don't
know about yet? I'm using my survey money
for Christmas, gift cards from surveys
and work, speedyway rewards for a gift card,
and the extra $40 I should
be getting from Kroger for Christmas.
Anything else I'm either baking or
sewing from scratch. I don't have any extra
money to go overboard with.

Hey Kendra if you are reading this,
add a ham to my Christmas wish list
if you are heading to the meat market
next month. You can take off a roast
or pork chops or whatever if you have to.
At this point in time I cannot even afford
a ham for Christmas :0(
Doesn't have to be nothing fancy or big.
Just a plain ole, small and simple, ham with bone in.

Well I better jump off here for now
because I'm not in my right mind to even
think straight. Not in the greatest
mood at the moment!


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