Friday, November 18, 2011



Tony returned to work today. The only thing he complained
about was his back was still hurting him.
Not sure what was wrong with him yesterday.
With the symptoms he had I kept checking
his legs where he has gotten cellulitis.
I didn't see any red marks so ruled that out.

We think it might of been a diabetic episode
of some sort. Body aches, shivering, muscle spasms,
throwing up. I checked him several times and
with someone that had shivers like he did you
would of thought there was a fever to accompany it.
He didn't feel hot at all. He only had them during
the one time during the night before.

I woke up feeling blah. Felt like I could have slept
all day and had a queasy feeling to the stomach.
My legs and back have been throbbing and aching.
I'm chalking it all up to almost the girly time.
I hope so because I don't want or need to be sick
right before Thanksgiving!
We were thinking about going to the flea market
tomorrow morning, the last day for this year.
Then around 1:00pm mom's church is having a potluck

It sure is BRRR outside! The news said this is the
coldest day since March. The truck said it was
24 degrees out this morning at 6:40am when
taking one child to the bus stop.
That's a heck of a wake up call hitting the cold
air that early, ahhhh!

I know it's only 10am but I think I'm ready to go
lay back down and get some more rest.
Need some energy this evening to start working
on 2 apple pies. For supper I was thinking
about making some turkey pot pies.
Then if I feel energetic I'll make up
the homemade rolls for Thanksgiving and freeze them.
If not I'll do it sometime this weekend.


Free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee on Facebook.

Just click that you have to work on Black Friday.
You will also get a printable $2.00 off coupon.

I'm loving all these free coffee samples.
Coffee is so expensive anymore.
I'm not a coffee drinker but my hubby is so
always keeping an eye out for the best deals.
So far Aldis is the cheapest at $5.45 or so for
a large can.


Meijer ad preview for week of 11-20.

I'm limiting my shopping trips at the moment.
Only going to get basic things, things
that I really need, or things for Christmas
or Christmas dinner.

$1.50 printable coupon for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter all purpose sticks.

.55 cents ($1.10 doubled) Hillshire cocktail weenies.
They are $2.50 next week at Meijers
so $1.40 each with above coupon.
Great for Christmas appetizers.
For Christmas dinner I like to do a lot of finger
foods from sandwiches to snack trays
with lunch meats, cheeses, chips, dip, cheese.
Earlier this year I picked up a bunch
of Summer sausage at Kroger for $1.00 each.
I still have a couple left in the freezer.
I plan on slicing one of those up and adding
it to my meat and cheese tray.



Got 4 homemade turkey pot pies in the oven.
I have enough ingredients to make 8 of them.
I made up this recipe with ingredients I had on hand.

I used the No Roll Pie crust found HERE. Minus the sugar.

Press into mini pie pans or a regular or jumbo cupcake pan.

In a bowl I added-

about 1.5 cups of leftover turkey with celery & onions,
2 potatoes diced up with skins (cooked ahead of time),
a handful of baby carrots sliced (cooked ahead of time),
a can of Campbells chicken gravy,
plus seasonings like onion powder, salt & pepper.

Next I took a can of Kroger biscuits
and rolled out each biscuit (with the gravy can)
large enough to fit over each pot pie.
I poked 4 little holes on top with a knife
then spritzed the tops with butter cooking spray.

Bake 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

This was pretty cheap to make considering most
ingredients were leftovers from other meals.

-biscuits .50 cents a can
-chicken gravy free
-leftover turkey free
-leftover carrots free
-2 potatoes free
-flour free
-oil free
-seasonings .05 cents

So .55 cents to make 8 turkey potpies.

I was given the thumbs up by everyone with my recipe.
I had even had suggestions to do these pot pies
in the future-
ham & potato,
beef & veggie.

These would be great to make up ahead of time
and store in the freezer.


Free pumpkin spice wax cube from Better Homes & Gardens
on Facebook.


UPS man just showed up at the front door
around 5:30pm delivering the mp3 players
I got from Dollar General. There's 2 gifts
I don't have to worry about.

Now since these mp3 players have video on them
I'm trying to learn how to download videos
from youtube onto them.



As we were leaving the checkout lane at Kroger
an announcer came over the intercom and said
that they would be giving away free vegetable
peelers at the deli/bakery. I had Tony
take the groceries to the truck and I went to check it
out. I knew that there was going to be some
person talking and trying to sell you something
first in order to get the peeler. So I waited
patiently to get the so called $5 veggie peeler.
Yeah right, not even sure I'd give $1 for it at
a Dollar store, but hey it was free.
Just like this one HERE.

I did find some bags of teriyaki veggies
on clearance. Was $2.89 paid $1.50.
I got 2 bags.
This is like the stuff I get from Aldis
which can be around $3 to $4 a bag.

I also had to stop by the smoke shop
and get another bag of tobacco.
It went up .50 cents to $15.99 a pound for
Southern Steel brand. Criss cross went up
also to $17.99 a pound.
I had a coupon for .50 cents off
a box of filters ($2.99) so it all came out the
same as last time. It all came to just under $20.
I already have one box of filters I didn't use
from the last time around.
So it costs about $23 or so for 2 weeks worth of smokes
by making my own. That's $1.23 a pack.
(20 packs or more, I didn't exactly
keep track of how much the last bag made)
$100+ if I'd of bought 2 cartons of Dorals from Speedway
for 2 weeks at $5.05 a pack!


Nestle Tollhouse is having a contest.
You could win $1000 to $5000!
To find out the rules click HERE.

Ok, why the heck not, lol. I've placed in the
top 10 with one of their Halloween cookie contests :0)
I think I know what to enter and it has already
taken 3rd place in another recipe contest.
Got the idea from looking at some of the
entries already submitted.
Man, any extra money right now sounds so good.

I just found out today our health insurance is
going up. Now it's going to be about
$476 a month. How much longer can we afford
health care at the rising cost of insurance???
If we add in life insurance for myself
it costs another $28 so we'd be looking at
over $500 a month!
Everyone in my family has life insurance
except me and at this rate I can't afford to die
nor can I afford to live. Screwed either way huh.
Even with insurance at ridiculous rates
it still costs a fortune out of pocket
at doctor's visits and hospitals. When you are paying
$5712 a year you'd think you'd get a break somewhere
with costs. How in the world does Obama think he
can try and pass a law that states everyone should have
some type of health insurance. We're struggling
now as it is. And by we, I mean most of the US
with the economy we are in. What about people who are working
only part time or is getting minimum wage.
This is absolutely crazy!!!

Ok, going back to bed now, it's 1:45am.
Some nights I fall asleep and my brain
has a hard time shutting down and I wake
back up for about an hour or so.
7:00am is going to come pretty darn fast.
Supposed to go to the flea market,
Tony's friend in Groveport after that
then off to a potluck dinner at mom's church by 1:00pm.
Yup, sounds like I'll be raring to go.
Now where did I put those toothpicks???
Throw in some throbbing legs and an aching back
and a little pms and let the party begin!

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