Sunday, November 27, 2011



My friend and her husband stopped by today.
Her husband looked at our dryer and could not
find what was wrong with it. I'm going to
probably go ahead and get the hi-limit
thermostat and thermal fuse kit from
the appliance parts store and see if that
does anything to fix it. It's what I read online
that could possibly be what's wrong with it
and for about $25 I willing to try that option
at the moment.

My friend also dropped off a bunch of clothes
and a box of food for us. I feel like crap at
the moment so will go through those items
later on. I feel so tired, my body feels achy
and I'm a little chilled with some stomach pains.
I don't think it's anything like the cold or flu
but feels like all the symptoms of IBS once again.
Might go lay down for a bit and wrap up in the
electric blanket.



I went down to the freezer and pulled out
the big turkey, almost 23 pounds.
It's gonna take 3-4 days to
thaw so figure I'd get started now.
This should last our family for about
a week. I have a bag of potatoes
that needs used up so will make those into
mashed potatoes. Got a large bag of bread cubes
for stuffing. The other day I found a 1.5 pound
container at Kroger of diced up celery, onions
and seasoning for .99 cents. I should of
picked up a few more of those because those
would have worked out really well for soups!

Didn't have anything planned for supper
nor do I really feel up to making anything.
I found a big container of bean soup
in the freezer so that's what we're having.
Thawing it out in the microwave now.
Will have that with some leftover
rolls from Thanksgiving.



I had a sweet tooth and came up with this
really simple and cheap treat to make.

Boston Cream Dessert Cups

1 pkg. sponge dessert cups 6 count
1 small box vanilla pudding
1/4 cup chocolate frosting, melted in microwave 25 secs.

Make pudding according to package directions.
Spoon pudding into middles of dessert cups
overflowing the top. Spoon melted chocolate
frosting over top.



Was sitting here going through the recent edition
of the Taste of Home magazine that mom gave me.
I saw this recipe for Sauerkraut Latkes,
Latkes is potato cakes. It sparked my interest
because I just pulled a bowl of pork & sauerkraut
from the freezer earlier.

It calls for peeled apples but I only have
a can of apple pie filling. And I might use a
package of instant potatoes that was in the
food box my friend gave me today instead of
shredded potatoes.
Sometimes you can't always follow recipes to a T
so have to make changes with what you do have
in the cupboard.



I'm in music or flashback mode.

So love this song!

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