Sunday, November 13, 2011



We got our coat rack hung up and ready
to go for the Winter. I also use this to
store shoes, hats and gloves on top.
I found this shelf at a yard sale for $1.00
a couple years ago. I painted it a creamy white
color and added a few more hooks to it.



Woo Hooo! I just ordered 2 of the
Polaroid 4GB MP3 Music and Video Players for the boys
for Christmas.

Without watching for the pre Black Friday
sales it would have cost $60 at Dollar General. So I saved $30 on this deal.
($15 each) You would be lucky to find a basic
MP3 player for $20 to $25 that does NOT have
the video with it. So I thought this was a
heck of a deal. Shipping was FREE also.
It allows you to pay by Paypal. Once it
clears shipping is 3-5 days so it will
be here before Christmas.
I saw on Dollar General's Facebook page
that people were complaining that stores
didn't know about these sales and don't
even have them in stock!

All these years I have been one to set
aside a day to do almost all our Christmas
shopping. I have been getting better by
being able to shop yard sales through
the Spring & Summer and find things for
cheap to put back for Christmas.

As we get older the shopping sprees
are getting more tiring for both of us.
Tony has a bad back, feet and hips.

The less stores we go to would be great.
This year I am trying something new,
trying to buy things online when and
where possible. I am so tired of getting
to stores and being told they have sold
out of something!! Plus the traffic and crowd
hassle and the cost of gas to get to
jump from store to store.

I know many of people have jumped on the
idea of buying Christmas gifts off the internet for years.
I must be an old fogey because I am
just now getting there, lol.


Oh dear, here is a scary thought-

Next Friday we get out the Christmas tree!

As far back as I can remember it has always
been a tradition to set up the Christmas tree
the day after Thanksgiving. I think the reason
was because we all got the following day
off of work/school and put it to use by
decorating for Christmas.

This year will be a little different because
Tony has to work the day after Thanksgiving.
So it will be up to me and the kids
to get everything out and put up.
He does get Wednesday before Thanksgiving
off though.



Today is laundry day. Along side of that I am cleaning
out our closet. This is the last closet of three
that I need to take out Summer clothes and hang
up all the Winter clothes.

Older houses don't offer much closet space
so to make more room in our closets I added
a second bar and lowered the original one.
I put the shelf back up on the lower bar
to store shoes and hats on.
I used an old shower curtain bar as the closet bar.

Tony spent a little while in the bathroom
cleaning it. He also put up a new shower head
since ours was getting clogged, he also
installed a new araetor on the sink faucet
and then totally cleaned out the drain in
the sink and tub, YUCK!

I made up a small grocery list of things I
need to make stuff for Thanksgiving.
I will need about 6 cans of green beans
for the green bean casserole.

$1.00 off 4 Libby canned veggies printable coupon.

There is also a coupon in today's Sunday Dispatch for
$0.50/2 Green Giant Canned Vegetables 11/13/2011 GM Insert (exp 1/7/2012)

Use that coupon above at Walgreens this week-
Walgreens 11/13-11/19

Green Giant Canned Vegetables – $0.69 after in ad coupon
Use $0.50/2 Green Giant Canned Vegetables 11/13/2011 GM Insert (exp 1/7/2012)
Pay $0.88 for two cans after coupons

Or you can run to Kroger today or tomorrow and
buy 10 Del Monte canned veggies for .49 cents each.
Good through Monday only as it's the last days of the sale.
It is part of the buy 10 get $5.00 off deal.

Next week Kroger only has their brand canned veggies
on sale for .60 cents each.

Meijers this week will have Del Monte canned veggies
for .59 cents each.

This is the time of year to stockpile those
canned veggies at these prices with coupons and sales.

Yesterday while at Kroger I found these coupons
in the baking isle next to the cookie mixes-
Save $1.00 when you buy 2 Krusteaz
Bakery Style Cookie Mixes.
Expires 2-29-12



I'm bad, when hubby asks what I would like for my birthday,
I tell him a mixer. I then tell him when, where and what day
to shop for one to get the best deal, lol.
Hey, I'm all about saving money and if I don't
get gifts that are practical or cheap then
it makes me grumpy when people spend too much on me!
Don't surprise me without asking first to
see if I have a coupon, rebate or know of
a sale of the item I would like.
I know this sounds crazy, but it's the
type of person I am. If I don't like spending
too much money on things then I sure as heck
ain't gonna let someone else do it.

Anyways he did just like I told him,
he went to Dollar General and picked up
a $15 mixer for $5.00 which was on sale today
for their pre black Friday sale.
A savings of $10!!
It has a 1 year warranty with it.

You know we even looked for used mixers at
the thrift store. They looked ancient
and weighed a ton. And they were priced right
around the new one Tony got me.
So, yeah, he got a really good deal.


Anyone tried ???
Many people have good reviews about them
They offer deeply discounted items
and have $2.00 shipping on every item.
Here they are on Facebook.
There's here say about some deals for kindles,
52 inch tvs, ipads, ps3's and more for about 90% off.

Not sure when they will be posting it
so you have to be on watch for it
to snatch them up when it comes about.

Right now after you sign up and confirm
your email you can enter the code P1070
to get $10 off a $20+ purchase!



Wearing thin. I have overhauled my bedroom, or
at least it felt like it, took many loads of things
down to the basement to store, cleaned off some
of the carport, cleaned out the gutters a couple
times to remove all leaves, and lastly I've been
doing laundry all day. Getting ready for the holidays
around here and want the house to look half way decent.


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