Thursday, November 10, 2011



Sorry I am posting later than usual.
Tony took took the day off due to
his uncle dying this week. The funeral
showing is this evening.
He also had a friend of his pass away
in the last week.

I tried to take Tony's mind off things
today for a little while so we went thrift
store shopping. I found him a pair
of black dress shoes for this evening for $4.99.
Got Jonathan a pair of jeans for $1.99
and Christopher a couple Winter shirts for
.99 cents to $1.99.
I also managed to find a bunch of pillow
cases for .39 to .59 cents each.
I hoping to finally work on the window
quilt. It's taken me awhile to find
coordinating fabrics. I went with creams,
rusty reds and olive greens.

And speaking of projects I've been wanting
to work on, I found a couple of stuffed animals
(dog & a bear) to make some pillow pets out
of for the boys. They were .90 cents each.
The Goodwill thrift store had stuffed animals
today 6 for $1.99. While I didn't find mine there
I figured I'd mention it anyway.
There was a lady in line who literally had
2 shopping carts stuffed full of these stuffed
animals buying them!!

I also found two 2 pound bags of Northern beans
for .90 cents each.

And a sweater I thought about making
leggings and a tote purse out of.

Here was my inspiration picture from yesterday.

We bought other things as well like a
few little Christmas gifts for the boys.

I was going to make meatloaf for supper today
but due to a change of plans it looks like
we're going to have to splurge and get
the McDonalds deal of 4 cheeseburgers, 4 fries
for $4.99. Gotta head out right after Jonathan
gets off the bus and be out East 4-7pm.



Kitty found a wrapped Slim Jim on the floor
and was playing with it and carrying it around
in his mouth, lol.

Kitty: "You better give up or you're gonna get a piece of this!"

Kitty: "Hey, anyone got a light for this smoked sausage?"

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