Sunday, November 20, 2011



I had a question regarding the Kroger Thank You Bonus
and how it worked. If you look at the bottom of your
Kroger receipts it says-

Shop at Kroger between 10/16/11 - 11/27/11.

For every $100 you spend during this period
you will receive a $10 Holiday Thank You Bonus
to spend at Kroger Marketplace.
Maximum credit it $200.

You will receive this bonus on your Kroger Plus Card.

Your Kroger Thank You Bonus is only good on
furniture, home decor, bed & bath, office & school supplies,
housewares, toys and storage.

You must redeem this bonus at Kroger Marketplace
between 12/1 and 12/4/11.

You cannot use your bonus on these items-
gift cards, gift card mall, electronics,
food, candy, health & beauty aids,
services, fragrances, Fred Meyer Jewelry or fuel.

And it should tell you how much you have spent
so far to get an idea of how many $10 bonuses you get.


I'm still not having much luck. Feel like Midas
where everything I touch turns to gold and is useless.
Not sure if I didn't cook my pie long enough yesterday
or what but today I served up a slice and it was
a little gooey inside. I added flour to the filling
when making it which should have thickened it up.
Now I'm worried about taking the other pie
to my brothers for Thanksgiving. I still have
the peaches n cream dessert to make. I've made that
many times before so it shouldn't be a disaster.



When do you get to a point that you feel like
bawling your eyes out???
I'm am that close if one more thing goes wrong.

I went down to the basement to start my usual
Sunday laundry. Got a load going in the washer
and went to see if I had clothes in the dryer.
Yeah, I sometimes get forgetful and leave a load
in there. The clothes in it were dry.
I noticed the dryer light wasn't on.
I shut the door and tried to turn the dryer on,
nothing. Had Tony come down and check it out.
We flipped the breaker, checked the cord,
still nothing. What the hell!!
I have not noticed any problems with my dryer
before this to just have it up and not work.
I'm hoping and praying that Tony can figure it out.
I can't have no dryer with all the laundry that
we go through a week. I'm already pinching every
penny we have at the moment.
It's a Maytag dryer, you know those kind that
have the Maytag repair man sitting around in the commercials
because they don't break down. HA HA HA.



For a late lunch I am making lasagna.

1 pkg no boil lasagna noodles- free from Tony's work
1 jar spaghetti sauce- $1.00 with coupon & sales
leftover V8 juice- free from Tony's work
ground sausage- $1.00 from Aldis
1 pkg shredded mozarella cheese- free from shopping spree

Total cost for me to make $2.00



I got wet laundry piling up in clothes baskets.
I'm going to take about 3 or so loads down
to mom's to dry them in her dryer.
Tony just left to head to his work to find
his electrical testers and stuff so he
can try and see what's wrong with the dryer.

At the moment I am doing a search online to
see if I can figure out what the problem may be.

This sounds like my problem-
Maytag Elec Dryer no power

Places to find appliance parts-

Columbus Appliance & Parts
2686 Westerville Road, Columbus, OH 43224-4471
(614) 263-0908

They are near Weber and Westerville Rds.

Or you could try

Dayco Appliance Parts
(614) 262-6446
620 E Weber Rd
Columbus, OH 43211

By checking online I think parts
for a thermal fuse and hi limit thermostat
kit will run $25 to $30 for parts.



Well the luck sure ain't getting any better
around here. Tony's brother is in the hospital.
I think I told y'all he was the one who just got
married back in June? In the past month or so
his wife left him for someone else and took the kids.
Tony's mom just called not long ago
to say his brother is in the hospital
for overdosing on something trying to commit suicide.
I think we need all the prayers we can get at
the moment for ourselves and Tony's family.
I just feel like we've had this big, black
cloud hovering over our heads for too long.
We don't need this especially after just
attending a funeral showing for one of Tony's
family members 10 days ago.



Having a late supper since we had a late lunch.
Grilled cheese sandwiches with chicken noodle soup.

Tony's buddy from work stopped by for a few.
He's the man on call this past week.
He was saying that he knew someone with
a washer and dryer that we could possibly have.
While that's super nice and all I'd really
like to see if we could get our dryer fixed first
before trying to move a dryer up and down the
stairs. Hurts my back just thinking about it.
I'm sure with studying dryer repair online
and watching a few videos I should be able
to figure out how to repair it.

Almost got about 4 loads of laundry done.
Just waiting on the last two at mom's.
I was telling mom we haven't had the heat on today.
She couldn't believe it. I have the thermostat
usually set at around 71 degrees. It felt warm
in here (74 degrees) and I lowered the thermostat to 68
and opened up 2 windows. The temperature dropped to and
stayed at 72 degrees all day in here.
I finally closed up all the windows and
the temperature jumped back up to 74 degrees.
I don't have ovens, dryers or anything of the sort

I'm glad that we've been having a pretty decent
November. I got the gas bill the other day and
it was $49. Wouldn't it be nice if it stayed
that way all Winter long! I think last months
bill was $32 so it did go up a little in the
last month probably due to some very cool mornings.

We aren't on the budget nor have we ever been on it.
I figure that the cost of heat goes up in the
Winter while the cost of our electric goes down.
And in the Summer it's vice versa.
So it all evens out in the end.


Well I heard some good news.
Even though I have a brother-in-law
in the hospital from trying to commit suicide
from his marriage, I just read that my cousin
asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes!
Maybe, just maybe, things will start looking up!


Ok, who has ever seen or heard of a cat who like
to drink pop? This cat of ours sure does!
It doesn't matter if it's orange, cola or citrus flavored.
Gotta watch leaving any glasses sitting around here
or he'll try to get a drink. I think he would
drink out of the straw if he could!
I know the video is dark, you'll have that
in the evening.


I saw this and thought it was cute.

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