Saturday, November 19, 2011



Just got done getting 2 Dutch Apple Pies made
and put into the oven. I doubled the recipe
for the crust and filling. While I had enough
to do 2 pies the reason I did 2 was so that
we could sample one to see how it turned out
before taking the other one to my brothers.
My brother's pie will be stored in the
freezer til Thanksgiving. One less thing
to make :0)

The crust-
has flour, brown sugar, oatmeal, butter & cinnamon
in it. While I reserved some of this for the topping
on the pie, I added crushed walnuts to the
crumb topping also, but not in the crust.

The pie crusts after filling.

And the pies after getting their crumb topping
and before going into the oven.



Went to the flea market this morning.
Didn't buy much, maybe a few matchbox cars
and some guy gave the kids a free nerf gun.

We didn't end up going to the church dinner
and had some leftover pot pies and hot dogs
for lunch.

I was wanting to get the rolls made today
but not sure if I will. Starting to wear
down already. Might do that tomorrow.



Here's the eggs I've been pickling in the fridge.
We tested one today and they are pinkish red
through to almost the yolk. Wondering if I should
just slice these in half and leave them that
way instead of deviling them. The reason I say
that is because the eggs already have the pickling
flavor with vinegar, seasonings and
I also poured in some leftover banana pepper juice
into the jars. To add the deviled egg mixture
on top of the pickling mixture might be too much.
But I think with just slicing these in half
and putting every other egg, a deviled egg
then a pickled egg, on a dish would still
give it a nice look.
Mom suggested I could put these on a large plate
and used shredded cabbage or cabbage leaves on the plate then
place the eggs on the cabbage. The cabbage
would hold them in place and make them
look nice all at the same time.

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