Tuesday, November 29, 2011



So ready to just go back to bed.
I'm so tired and haven't been sleeping well
for about the past week. Muscles from my back,
hips and down both legs ache so bad that it
prevents me from getting a good night's sleep
or even going to sleep.
I'm back on the Pentasa medicine and are going
to try and stay on it awhile. It's supposed
to help with any inflammation in the intestines.
I don't know if that causes all the other
muscle aches and pains but it all seems
to be related with one another since it
all comes about at the same time.



Gosh you don't realize just how old you are
until you figure out that you've known your
childhood friend for 27 to 28 years, maybe longer,

My 14th birthday 1984.
Charles on the right.

1988 graduation.

Ok is it just coincidental that I have
a Charger and Trans Ams in the backyard
like this video? Ok who's living in the 80's, lol!
Also loved the show C.H.I.P.s which had
a Trans Am in it which Ponch drove. Also had a Chevy stepside
like the one John drove, LOL. Oh dear I am getting old.

And now a days we have this-
a combination of a Smart Car and the General Lee.



Tonight's supper is sliced up Italian sausage
and potatoes fried in Italian dressing with
seasoning salt, pepper, and onion powder.
Plain & simple.
Don't want to stand too long due
to my left hip hurting. I wish this crap
of all the aches and pains would go away!!
Tony says go back to the doctors. Why.
What's he gonna tell me that he hasn't said
already. He just plays guinea pig with
me because he doesn't know what exactly is
wrong with me. He tells me Irritable Bowel Syndrome
but that doesn't explain all the muscle aches
and pains. I just feel like I have to learn to
deal with it like Tony deals with his
nerve damaged feet from diabetes and
arthritis in his hips. Sometimes there
ain't a cure for things and people have to suffer
through all their symptoms.



I see it's going to be a long night.
Tony got paged out just as he left for
work and had to go back.
Someone's fridge went out. Hopefully he
can fix it. If not he'll have to replace
a fridge in a top garden apartment.


Heading to the thrift store tomorrow.
I'm thinking that it's half price for the
whole store tomorrow. I could be wrong.
I do know it's one day during the last week
of the month. Need to find a few Christmas presents.
Still don't have anything for my step-dad or
father-in-law. Oh well, it's always an
adventure even if it's not half off day.
They still have certain colored tags
marked 50% or 75% on things.
If I can't find anything there, there's always
another 7 more thrift stores in the area
to browse another day.


This is a very good song. I have been broker than
broke and still have managed to help people out.
This year is hasn't been a good year for us
with the pile of doctor bills accumulating
and the bank account dwindling down.
If the whole world would act this way it
would be a much better place instead of many
people thinking about themselves and material things.

The Chain of Love

To continue the chain of love I have donated
blankets to the church for families in need,
I have canned goods to donate to the school
for their food drive and now
I have this mystery box that is filled
with things from my pantry and stockpile
that will go to a family that will put it to good use.

When you coupon like I do and get lots
of things for free or cheap and get an
excess amount of things then you should
share them and pass them on to people who
can use it.

I don't have much money but I still find ways
to give :0) God has given us so many blessings
and you should always find time to pay it forward
because you never know when you could be
going through rough times. I know we have
been through it and still are going through
it. I know we have been worse off but are
thankful to have food in our bellies,
a roof over our head and a job.



Hubby is still not home yet from work :0(
Oh well got to think of the overtime he will
be getting.

I took a 4-5 hour nap today and still feel
like I could go to bed early.
I think for now I'll settle for a hot bath
to soak all the achy muscles.


BestBuy on Facebook has 8 movie in 8 days

that you can download for free.



Tony finally made it home only to inform me
that he saw the first salt truck, ahhhh!
The weather is supposed to turn colder
tomorrow with snow flurries. There, I said
the bad four letter word.


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