Thursday, November 17, 2011



Not having a very good week!
Between burning myself with boiling water,
my pickled eggs not peeling right and looking like a disaster,
kids having runny noses,
Jonathan complaining of his ear hurting &
me not feeling the greatest,
now hubby woke up early this morning
shivering, having back spasms, charlie horses,
and vomiting, I wonder what is next??!!

I don't like this time of year. Too many
sickies going around. Can't imagine having
any more doctor bills at the moment. Already
struggling to keep head above water as it is.


Just checked a Kroger receipt I got yesterday
when I picked up the last couple of items
needed to make things for Thanksgiving dinner.
I figured I'd get them now before the lines
get longer and longer at the stores with
people getting things at the last minute.
Plus I am able to get a start on a couple
things by making them ahead of time.

Anyways, back to the receipt, $22 more
to spend at Kroger between now and
November 27th next Sunday to get
$40 to spend at Kroger Marketplace.
This sure will come in handy to get
Christmas gifts!

Receive a $10 Holiday Thank You Bonus for every $100 you spend at any Kroger store between Oct. 16 and Nov. 27, 2011. Redeem your bonus at Kroger Marketplace on toys, furniture, holiday decor and so much more!* Spending excludes: Kroger gift cards, mall gift cards, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelry, services and items prohibited by law. *Maximum savings is $200 - Redemption excludes: Kroger gift cards, mall gift cards, printer ink cartridges, electronic items, food, candy, health and beauty items, services, fragrances, Fred Meyer Jewelry, fuel, pharmacy, alcohol or tobacco products. Offer is available on first purchase with eligible items and Plus Card. Minimum purchase equal to or greater than reward earned required to redeem offer. Discounts are limited to product on hand while supplies last, no rain checks will be issued.


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  1. Hi there! Any idea HOW this Thank You Bonus can be spent? Just by showing your receipt? Or will the put in on the Shoppers Card??? I asked a couple people at Kroger and they didn't have a clue. :(