Thursday, November 24, 2011




I worried all night about those darn deviled eggs.
I had two dishes full of them and they looked
like crap almost stacked upon one another.
This morning I found a large round plastic tray,
lined it with scrunched up plastic wrap and
was able to get all the eggs on it.
I didn't realize the picture was a little blurry.
They are all wrapped up and ready to go
so can't take another at the moment.

Got the green bean casserole baked.
It smells so good! I guess you'll have
that when you starve yourself for a
Thanksgiving meal. I put tin foil over top
then wrapped the casserole dish in a thick
bath towel to help keep it warm during our
hour drive. Plus we laid a comforter down
in the back of the Suburban to help keep
things from shifting around.


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