Saturday, November 26, 2011


I got my electric bill yesterday.
It had been running high for some unknown reason
and I have been trying like heck to unplug things
and turn things off that we don't use.
I've been unplugging microwaves, coffee pots,
turning off lights/tvs in rooms we weren't in and so on.

Kids especially have a bad habit of leaving
their rooms and leaving everything on.
I told them, unless you want an electric bill as a
Christmas gift, you better start turning
things off when leaving your rooms!

In September it ran about $112 & October $92.
And now November's bill is right about where
it normally is at $76.00.

So even though everyone looks at me like
a nagger about turning everything off
it finally is paying off a little.
I managed to shave $36 off the electric bill.



I am getting an early start on laundry.
I have decided that I will hang whatever wet laundry I can
on the clothes bar I have in my laundry room
and run a fan to dry them.

Still digging some Christmas stuff out,
not too much though. Still hanging lights
on the gutters, bushes and fence.
This year we decided not to put out the
blow up decorations and any other light
up decorations like candy canes or
trains in the front yard. Something
is better than nothing and it will help
the electric bill not to rise as much
with all the extra decorations.



Got all the lights hung outside then worked on
cleaning the carport area up. It such
a nice day outside for November!

Getting ready to make a run to Tony's work
to throw out a bunch of stuff in the big dumpsters.


Stopped by Tony's work. Tony was telling me about
a glider rocker someone threw away yesterday
and he asked if I wanted to check it out. He said there
was a glider foot stool but someone must of took it.
because we couldn't find it.
I loaded up the glider in the back of the truck.
It looked like solid oak and needed a few screws
adjusted. Still had the pads with it.
Tomorrow I'll give it a wipe down and steam
the pads. It looks similar to this below but
has floral pads with it.

While at his work I was able to check out a bicycle
one of the residents left behind when they moved out.
Tony has been keeping the bike in the shop.
We plan to give it to Jonathan for Christmas.
Looks like this one below.



Well all it's about my bedtime. I had a hard time
getting to sleep last night. My brain just wouldn't
shut down thinking about things. I'm pretty sure
it was after 2am that I got to sleep.
I'm stressed, tired and my body hurts all over.
Going to pop a few ibuprofen. I need to get some
sleep tonight minus a few body aches and stomach pains.

Oh, one more thing, if you happen to read some of the
older posts from earlier this year, you will notice that I had to remove some
photos from the blog. I had reached the storage limit
of how many photos I could post today so decided to remove
some from the older photos so I could keep on posting
newer ones.


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