Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Back to making my pickled eggs this morning.

I wrote down everything I put into the beet mixture-
This is used per one dozen eggs. I made 2 batches.

2 cans of beets, with juice, cut beet slices in half (.78 cents manager specials)
1 onion chopped (.10 cents)
3/4 cup white vinegar (.25 cents)
1/4 cup malt or apple cider vinegar (.15 cents)
pinch of black pepper (.01 cent)
1/2 tsp. crushed bay leaves (.01 cent)
1/2 tsp. allspice (.01 cent)
1/2 tsp garlic powder (.01 cent)
1 tsp. onion powder (.01 cent)
1-2 T. Franks Red Hot sauce (free)
splash of tobasco sauce (free)
3/4 cup Splenda (free)
1 dozen eggs, hard boiled and peeled (free)

Total cost to make 1 dozen pickled eggs- $1.33
(24 deviled eggs)

x's 2 dozen that I am making- $2.66
(the other dozen is for Tony and won't be deviled)

and most of the things I'll be using
to devil them are freebies from sales and coupons!
(mayo, mustard, seasoning, green olives)

Put all the above in a saucepan over
medium heat til almost boiling.
Cook for 5 minutes.

In a large glass jar add a spoonful of beets/onions
then 2-3 eggs,
spoon in more beets & onions, repeat til full.

Pour beet liquid over top. If you don't have enough
liquid to come to the top then I just poured
in a little more vinegar to top it off.

Allow to sit 3 days up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Next week I plan to remove eggs from jar
and devil them for Thanksgiving.

Ok, how do you peel boiled eggs without
making them look horrible afterwards???

Super fresh eggs are difficult to peel because the
pH of the white is low which causes it to adhere to
the shell membrane more tightly. Two solutions here
– use older eggs or add a little baking soda to the
cooking water to increase the pH.


I tried the baking soda trick and it didn't work for me.
How can something as easy as making deviled eggs
or pickled eggs at that, turn out to be such a hassle.
I went ahead and pickled the eggs that I boiled
but they look like I threw the suckers first
and busted them all to hell.


Whelp time to put a couple more notches in the
money belt and tighten it up.

I'll be posting
any deals or sales I see for the holidays.
Just sucks I cannot afford about 95% of them
at the moment.

Tony got lucky the other day at work and found
a BMX bicycle that a tenant left behind when
they moved out. Jonathan wanted a bicycle for
Christmas and there was absolutely no way I could
afford a new one let alone a used one. This is a God's send.
I haven't seen it yet because he left it at
work in the shop. Not quite sure where in the
world we would put this bike and try to hide
it here. Maybe take it to moms?


Tonight's supper- Sausage Biscuits & Gravy

1 roll of ground sausage $1.00
2 jars sausage gravy
1 pkg sausage gravy $1.20
1 can Kroger biscuits .70 cents

Total cost $2.90


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