Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Squirrely found the flopped apple pie in the
casserole dish this morning.
I think the wild cats may have
also helped with its disappearance overnight.
It's pretty much gone and they've
been licking the bowl clean, lol.



I got my green bean casserole done.
It's not made with cream of mushroom soup
or french fried onions.
Instead it has sour cream mixed with a little
flour, onions, salt, sugar, a pound of
bacon cut up and fried, and topped
with 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese then
ritz crackers crushed up with a little butter.

I got the pickled eggs out of their jars
and dried them off and sliced them up.
They look pretty.

I was working on my regular deviled eggs
but had to walk away from them when, once again,
they weren't peeling right, grrrr.



How would you like to have this butthead living
on your street???
It's 25mph on our street.
This isn't a one time thing either,
it's everyday.
This is why we need speed bumps!

Ok for starters let's show you what 25mph looks like.

Wonder how fast butthead goes???


Stopped in the thrift store this afternoon.
I needed some nice pants to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.
Most of my pants have stains, rips or are just
wore out or are sweat pants.
I found these pants below for $1.99.

I also splurged and found this flat sheet
(either a queen or king) for .99 cents.
I can makes some mini totes to put baked
goods in for Christmas gifts along with
matching aprons.

My biggest splurge of the day
and because I couldn't pass up this deal
was a 100% human hair clip on extensions
for $3.93!!! Brand new in the package!!
I know these could easily cost hundreds
of dollars for real hair!
I think there's about 8 pieces in this kit.
Check the ones out on Ebay if you don't believe me.



Got my peaches and cream pie made and baked.
It has a flour mixed with a box of vanilla pudding
for the bottom of the pie, then topped with peach
slices and on the top is a mixture of cream cheese
with some sugar sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar mix.


Going to go work on another dozen boiled eggs
and see if I can get them peeled nicely
for deviled eggs.



Someone please remind me next year not to
volunteer to bring the deviled eggs.
What a pain in the ass they have been to make!

I have discovered I'm not a deviled egg maker.
I added 1/2 of an olive to each, sprinkled with
paprika (which by the way has very big holes
in the bottle, grrr) and sprinkled with bacon bits.


I found this post very interesting and so true.

20 Reasons You Are Not Getting the Same Results as You See on TLC Extreme Couponing

While I do admit I at times watch the show
and it makes me sick! You'll find me yelling
at the tv like a football game is on.
Extreme Couponing has almost ruined it for
us everyday couponers. Coupon limits have changed,
some stores have stopped doubling, and if you use
coupons the employees watch you like a hawk like
you are some kind of criminal.

I agree with all the points made in the post.
They don't tell you how much people have spent
on purchasing some coupons which should be added
to their total when shopping. And what disgusts
me the most is stores like Kroger are always
on that show and there is no way in heck
that my Kroger stores around here would allow
even a fraction of what goes on in that show!
Do you think even for a moment they would allow
me to buy 500 toothbrushes and use coupons to
get them free??? NO! You'll be lucky if you
can use 3 to 5 like coupons.

This show is totally insane and while Kroger
and other stores promote it on the show
they've stepped up their game and cut back
usage for regular shoppers out there who may
want to buy a month's worth of food or supplies in one shopping
trip. They are only hurting their business and
making people shop elsewhere where those
coupons will be accepted for normal amounts
of items.

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