Thursday, December 1, 2011


Tony was telling me that a friend of his
that works at the carry out
near his work is selling his truck.
It's a good thing we don't have money for
extra expenses like that because he'd probably
swoop it up and bring it home.
So before he would get a second thought about
figuring out a way to buy this truck I figured
I'd post it here for others that may need
a vehicle. This is all the info I know about
it as I have not heard it run but do know
the guy was driving it to work. I did catch
a glimpse of it last night in the dark
and it looked good. But hey anything can look
good after dark, lol.
It appeared to be a 4x4 Ranger with aluminum rims,
extended cab. He wants $400 for it because he
just got himself a newer car. I am assuming he is a college student.
Oh yeah, and I think it is an automatic or else
Tony wouldn't even have considered it because
while he can drive a stick, it's too difficult
for him to push in a clutch with diabetic,
nerve damaged feet. And I'm going to guess
it's a 90 something model and it has a V6.

I know people ask me all the time if I know
where a cheap vehicle might be because we
have gotten really good deals on our vehicles.
I usually don't know of any so figured I'd
post this one while it was still available.



So much to post of things I wanted to share
with you that I've gotten today and yesterday.
I've been so busy and hopefully will get
caught up this evening with everything.

This morning me and mom arrived at Kroger Marketplace
about 9am. My goodness was that place packed
for being a Thursday morning!! All 10 checkouts
along with all the U-Scans were all open and the
lines were long!

My head was spinning this morning in that store
that's for sure but I had a free $40 worth of
things to get today from my bonus holiday money
I've collected at Kroger. You know what was a pain
in the rear and causing the lines to become very long?
You had to spend the entire amount of your bonus
bucks or more to even get it. The older couple
in line in front of us had gotten a waffle maker
that was $39.99 and they had a $40 bonus.
Kroger would not allow them to get it with that
bonus because it was one penny shy!!!
They had to make an additional purchase
which could not include food, like a pack of
gum at the checkout lane. And of course tax
wasn't included in order for your free bonus bucks.
I flipped out because I didn't know that
you had to have the full amount and knew that
I only had about $38 and some change worth
in my cart. I had to run across the store,
have mom watch the cart while in line, and
grab a couple more matchbox cars that were $1.00
in order to use my $40 free bonus money.

I spent a total of $51.14
and walked away paying only $3.66
which included tax and a couple boxes
of zip freezer storage bags that couldn't
be used towards the bonus cash.

I saved- $45.50 during this trip
which was 92% off my bill!!

It kind of sucked because I didn't have
much to show for it. I felt like Kroger
toy prices were marked up or much higher
than other places. I am a bargain shopper
and this is about the best you could
get to buy toys for Christmas.
There would have been no way I'd
of paid $40 for this below without
the bonus bucks. I can't complain
because free is good. It's better than nothing.

I got-

2- 16 count bags of Nerf gun darts
7 -Matchbox cars
Hotwheels motorcycle play set
Hotwheels semi truck with car
yo yo
1- Matchbox snowplow
3- rolls of tape
2- boxes of zip freezer bags

Well it's 12:00pm and I'm going to go lay down.
I'm plum tuckered out after this morning.
I still have the truck to unload this evening from
yesterday's adventure and get that stuff
put away later on. I'll be sure to post pics
later on when I'm rested. While my muscle aches
don't seem as bad as they were after taking my
medicine for a couple days, I'm still experiencing
stomach pains and the tiredness.



Well here's everything I got yesterday from the
apartment dive. Many things that we can use
that's for sure so it was like a God's send
because I have cut back so much on grocery shopping
and it was like I got a free shopping trip
from this apartment.

Christmas decorations

All this food

Dog items

About 8 fabric grocery bags including
ones made for frozen food. Not all pictured.

Toiletry items and a stapler.

Hair items

Vitamins, sink shelf and alcohol.

Plastic hangers


More misc.

Suede jacket

Stools, one with compartment inside with tools.

Folding table

Drying rack


Desk lamp and lighted magnifier

And lastly here is the glider chair I found last

Well that's all for now. I need to start putting all
this stuff away.


Wanna hear a bunch of crap. My child buys hot lunches
at school every week. Today, once off the bus, he tells
me that today they ran out of hot lunches and gave
him a small cup of applesauce and some lettuce for
his lunch! Hmmmm as I recall from being a preschool
teacher and a cook at the preschool, the state required
that you serve all the 4 food groups in each lunch!


I signed into my email account only to see someone
had changed my password. If you have received an
email from me in the past two days it was NOT me.
I haven't signed into my email account in 2 days!


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