Sunday, December 11, 2011



I was so tired and cold last night that I plugged
in the electric blanket around 9 or so and don't
remember much after that as I think I just passed out.
Then I had a rude awakening this morning about 5:45am.
The cat knocked over a glass on my bedside shelf
and spilled it everywhere. This cat is so weird because
it likes pop. And that's what he was after this morning.
I got up and got another glass because I had yuck mouth
this morning and was a little dry. As I was making something
to munch on he was trying to get up on the counter
to get at my pop. I got my stuff to eat then placed my
pop on the dining table and walked away for a minute
to do something. I looked back at the table and there's
the cat on it trying to get at my pop. What's up with that???
He has constant fresh water to drink. I have never seen
a cat or dog want to drink pop. He even bothered my guests
last night trying to get at their pop when watching a movie.


Still trying to find ways of coming up with some Christmas
money. At the moment we have no cash to spend on any
presents. But we still have 4 Gamestop gift cards ($100)
from doing surveys and 2 Visa gift cards from Tony's work ($80).
I was looking over the Speedy Rewards brochure
from Speedway and I see on there that they have
$25 & $50 Visa gift cards as rewards. We might turn in
our points and get 3 of the $25 ones, $75 worth.
So I have managed to come up with
$255 in free money to spend for Christmas.
Hey, it's better than nothing at the moment.

I'll be glad when the holidays are over with!



I can't get with the program today. I have no
motivation to do anything. I took some
Kroger brand Immodium hoping that it would help
some of these stomach pains I have been having
along with frequent trips to the bathroom.
I read the directions on the box and it says,
may cause drowsiness, dizziness and tiredness.
Ooh, goody, just what I need to add to what
I already have. It's a no wonder I fell asleep
watching tv a couple hours ago.

I still have so much laundry to get done today.
Got as far as one load in the washer and one
load hung up from the dryer.

Then I hear that tomorrow afternoon all the deer
meat from my brother is coming. I have yet
to go through my freezer and make room for it.


For Christmas I thought about getting mom and
my step dad an 8x10 photo enlargement of a photo
mom loved of me and my brother taken at Thanksgiving.
Maybe pick up a cheap photo frame at the thrift store.

Right now at Walgreens they have a code to take
50% off of prints when you do them online and
pick up in the store.
So an 8x10 reg. $2.99 would be $1.49 plus tax.
Not too shabby for a cheap Christmas gift!
Plus another $1 or 2 for a cheap frame.

Not sure how to do the photo yet.
Which one do you like better?



Mom stopped by not long ago. She was coming from
a church shindig and brought us all the leftover punch.
We ended up getting almost 3 gallons of punch for free.
Gotta watch it with the kids though because while
the pop was diet used in it, the kool aid is
still loaded with sugar.



Still doing laundry. I did manage to find a baby iron
that I had stashed away. Something else I found
during college move out time awhile ago.
So maybe sometime this week I can proceed with my
sewing projects.
Waiting on the most recent load of laundry
in the dryer then I think I'm heading to bed.
The immodium seemed to have stopped the stomach
pains because I haven't had any since taking it.
When I had them I looked like I was doing a
breathing technique taught in lamaze class
to help the pain pass.
Don't know what the problem is but my shoulders
have been hurting to no end lately. I take
ibuprofen but it only seems to take the edge off
of some pain. Still hurts, throbs and feels
inflamed. It's so unfair that in this world
of ours that so many people have to suffer
with illnesses and pain while others walk
in to a doctor, the doctor waves his magic
wand, and they are instantly healed.
Or that people have money to even afford a doctor.
You've heard of house poor, well I am insurance poor.
$300 every other week to have it and I still
have to give an arm and a leg with doctor bills.
Hell take 'em, that way they won't cause me pain
and doc won't have nothing to try and fix if they
ain't there.

Nighty night


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