Friday, December 9, 2011



How does one go to bed fine but wake up at 2:20am
in the morning with a severe lower back ache
like someone is twisting a knife in it and it
extends down both legs making them throb and
aches to the point of waking up in tears???
Tony kept asking if I wanted to go to the ER
because I was in that much pain. He gave me
three ibuprofen and I fell back asleep
about 3-3:30am.
It's been a long night. Still feel pain
in my buttocks area but ibuprofen is helping lots.


Here's a sneak peek at Meijers sales for next week.
Sorry I do not have any coupon match ups because
I'm not doing much grocery shopping.

Cook's shank portions ham .77 cents a pound

Freshlike canned veggetables .59 cents

Sara Lee pies $2.88

Kraft shredded, cubed or crumbles cheese $2.00

Meijers butter quarters $2.00

Pilgrim's Pride southern style chicken breast strips 2 pounds $3.99

Jimmy Dean roll sausage $2.50

Hillshire Little Smokies $2.50

Meijer bacon $2.50

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese $1.33

Meijer 12 ounce cheese slices $2.00



Not quite 10am yet and I think I'm going
to go lay back down for a few.
I started working on cleaning my bathroom
and I just need to recoop on getting
some missed sleep before I finish that
project. Not with it today.



My little nap turned out to be 3.5 hours.
Got up and took a few more ibuprofen.
In about a half hour or so then I go pick
up my one child off the bus. I don't
even have supper planned for tonight
and haven't a clue what to make.


MAIL CALL (all freebies)

6 pk. of Nescafe instant coffee packets

Truckin magazine

Hot Rod Magazine

Popular Science magazine



Took me all day to clean my bathroom on and off.
Boy, I'm on a roll. My body started getting aches
and pains again late this afternoon even
with ibuprofen. I have no clue what my problem
is with all this crap. Doctor's don't have a clue
either but won't hesitate to take your money
to make a guess and use you as a guinea pig.

Still have so much to do and I have a show on tonight
that I like to watch called Gold Rush.
A hot bath sounds really good also but when
the heck do I have time for that at the moment
so might opt for the heated blanket tonight instead.

Well I guess between me and Tony we'll try
to tackle cleaning the kitchen tonight, he's
such a good dishwasher, lol. Well at least we
have a dishwasher. I think that was one of the
first things we put in this house after moving in.
It didn't have one nor was there an opening for one
so we took out a cupboard for it. Cupboard space
or a dishwasher? I opted for the dishwasher!
Well I'm going to jump off here to do some more housework.
You'd think with a 3.5 hour nap I'd be raring to go.
I feel like I could keel over instead.
Tony thinks I should just cancel my plans for tomorrow
but I keep trying to push forward and go ahead
with it anyway because I'm not sure at this moment
when I'd ever feel better. Just grinnin and bearin
it at the moment.


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