Monday, December 26, 2011



Me and mom went out for a little bit to see
if we could find any Christmas mark downs.
Most things were 50% off. I didn't get
much in the way of Christmas mark downs
because I'd like to wait til things go
to 75% off in a week or two. I only
have $15 from my Christmas money from mom to spend
on after Christmas sales.

I did find these village people for
.50 cents a two pack. They are
for Christopher and I'm putting them
back til next Christmas. I got them
for when he gets his HO Train set,
set up in the basement. I figured it
was too expensive to go to a train store
to buy houses and such for the train
layout so will use Christmas villages,
people, trees and what not for it instead.
It's about the same scale.
The manager at Dollar General said
he's never seen these leftover after Christmas
to make it to be marked down.

I had more luck finding grocery mark downs at Kroger today.
Ever since they moved their manager specials from
the front of the store to the back people don't
know they are there and I've been finding lots
more deals. I spent $28 on groceries for this week.
This was from the grocery budget not my after
Christmas sales money.

These items are not in the pictures and I paid
full price for them-

10 pound bag of potatoes $2.88
2 two liters Kroger pop $1.50
2 pkgs sausage flavored country gravy $2.80

The rest is manager specials-

5- 1 pound 4 oz cans of pineapple
was $1.10
paid .59 cents each

2- 1 pound 10 oz cans cream of chicken
was $1.49
paid .79 cents each

3- 1 pound 8 oz jars chunky applesauce
was $1.19
paid .59 cents each

15.5 oz can white kidney beans
was .99 cents
paid .49 cents

3- 14.5 oz cans tomato sauce
was .69 cents
paid .39 cents each

1- 14.5 oz Kroger diced tomatoes
was .73 cents
paid .39 cents

1- 14.5 oz Hunts diced tomatoes
was $1.08
paid .59 cents

2- 14 oz sauer kraut
was $1.09
paid .59 cents each

1- can of black olives
was $1.29
paid .69 cents

1- Campbell's chicken noodle soup
was .76 cents
paid .39 cents

1- can mixed vegetables
was .73 cents
paid .39 cents

1- 15.25 ounce canned fruit cocktail
was $1.08
paid .59 cents

1- can of chicken broth
was .60 cents
paid .29 cents

2 pound bag of powdered sugar
was $2.00
paid .99 cents

4 boxes Jello pumpkin spice pudding
was ?
paid .25 cents each

1 pound box lasagna noodles
was $1.76
paid .89 cents

2- 12 oz boxes rainbow pasta
was $1.39
paid .69 cents each

2- boxes 160 count tissues
was $1.43
paid .69 cents each

1- 32 oz multi surface cleaner
was $1.79
paid .79 cents

1- 28 oz Ultra Gain dish soap
was $2.29
paid $1.19


Me and mom stopped in Meijer to check out
their Christmas mark downs. I didn't find anything
nor did mom. Mom did get me a box of kitty litter
and said it was kitty's christmas gift.
I decided to try something new and went
with the small box of Arm & Hammer brand
for $5.99. The 20 pound box was $7.99
but I wanted to try the smaller box first.

I get home and see on Facebook where
if you buy the 20 pound box there is
a printable coupon along with a
Try It For Free rebate up to $8.99
I should've listened to mom and went
with getting the 20 pound box.
Figures I see this rebate and coupon now
that I've already purchased it.

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