Saturday, December 10, 2011



Just checked and it's 24 degrees out
but feels like 14 degrees! BRRRR.

Sitting here trying to wake up this morning
and I keep hearing these sounds outside that
was getting annoying. Come to find out a house
just up the road has people with FOUR motorcycles
out front revving them up and working on them!!
Ok, for starters, it's too early to hear
motorcycles and second, uh, it's almost the middle
of December, we had snow yesterday, and today
it feels like 14 degrees! Should not motorcycles
be put away by now and stored for Winter??!!
Why in the hell are we playing with motorcycles
and revving them up in December? Sounds like
a biker bar out there! I feel for the people
in the houses directly next to these things
trying to sleep in on the weekend.
It's bad enough hearing a semi truck revving
up at 3:00am. People have no consideration!



Whew, what a day or days. Got my house done
and supper turned out really nice.
I got to see my friend/neighbor from high school
and his girlfriend.

Me & Charles June 1988

Me & Charles 23 1/2 years later 2011

Charles & Tracy, his girlfriend

I made Bruschetta Chicken Breasts,
cheddar and garlic biscuits,
salad with toppings,
spaghetti & sauce &
pineapple upside down mini bundt cakes.

After supper we watched Popper's Penguins.
Then I took them out to the truck to show them
a dresser that we had gotten them.
I also made up a couple of boxes of
kitchen and household items along with
some toiletries, food, dog food and dog supplies for them
as a Christmas gift from us.
We took everything to their home for them
since their car is not large enough.

Just got home and are chilling for the moment.
I should sleep good tonight after taking several
days to get ready for today. Plus I got up early
this morning about 7am to start on getting
things done.


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