Saturday, December 24, 2011



So much stuff to get done today, ahhhh!
Tony is taking Christopher to urgent care
this morning because he's had a cough
that doesn't seem to be getting better.
It's probably bronchitis.
As for me it's the same ole same ole.
I woke up about 3:30am in pain and had
to take more ibuprofen. It was very difficult
to get back to sleep when my whole body ached.

Every year the in-laws stop by Christmas eve
for an hour or so. Now this year, at the last
minute, they want us to go to my brother-in-laws.
They called again this morning wanting us
to stop by over there, there being Hilliard,
not exactly around the corner.
We have told them several times that I have
been sick and now Christopher is sick.
My mother-in-law even said maybe he has strep
or whooping cough. Those could be contagious.
But they still call again this morning wanting
us to go over there today.
Sometimes people just don't get it.
When they are sick they don't hesitate to
call and cancel coming over.
We have so much to do on Christmas Eve and
that is the reason we usually tell them
to stop by. We have NOTHING wrapped yet
and have to get that done today.
I have toffee cookies and another ice cream
cake to try and bake depending upon how
I feel. I have to get ready for a dinner
tomorrow at our home. At least it is mostly
finger foods. I have a house to tidy up, dishes to do,
laundry to do, floors to sweep and mop.
You name it, it needs done. People can't just come along
and think in the blink of an eye think that
they can change someone's plans especially
if they have a houseful of sick ones.
Maybe it's just me and I am irritable because
of pain and my tolerance level has dropped.

Well I'm going to jump off here and see what
things I can get done before Tony gets back.
I forgot to take my ham out of the freezer to
thaw so will start with that today. My body is
throbbing and I feel like I could go back to
bed and sleep a few more hours.



Urgent care was a little slow today being
Christmas Eve. Tony called while getting
a prescription filled at Kroger for Christopher.
He got the same doctor I had that told me
I had bronchitis when I did not. So who
knows if Christopher was diagnosed correctly either.
Anyway he was told he has a sinus
infection and will be probably taking
antibiotics for it.

I've been tidying up the house and sweeping
and steam mopping all the floors. I have
to take many small breaks because I am
feeling so tired and my body aches.
Tony and Christopher should be getting
home soon. Then Tony will help me out
with things and we will start wrapping
this afternoon. Have to keep the kids occupied
in one room while we do it in our bedroom.
This ought to be fun.



Still have yet to get anything wrapped! Ahhhh!
Or baked! Ahhhh!
Just returned from Hilliard. We ended up going
over there anyway with a kid coughing like crazy and
me feeling like crap.

We found this neighborhood with LOTS of lighted
milk jug lanterns on the way home just off
High St. & Cooke Rd.




Started bringing things up out of the basement to wrap.
I brought up both Razor Electric Scooters and those
bad boys are heavy! I took them both outside
for a test ride and they work wonderful!
I found both these electric scooters and
chargers at a yard sale for $5 each!!
They go for $100 each new!!!
That's been one of my greatest deals I've gotten.
I still can't believe I found two of them
at one yard sale!
Toys R Us Razor Scooters on sale for $99.99


Done wrapping all presents at 1:40am
By the time I go to sleep it'll be
time to get back up again because
it's already 2:10am.


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