Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Please, please, please take a moment of your time
and stop by the NESTLE TOLL HOUSE SHARE & BAKE contest
page on Facebook to vote for my

I found out today I made it as a top 10 finalist.
Please vote daily and tell your friends to vote.
I don't know many people and need all the votes
I can get to try and place in the top 3.
I REALLY need the money at the moment and this
would help out our financial situation soooo much
if you could help me out. Considering I am a stay
at home mom and we only have one income and have lots
of doctor bills to pay off and I can't even afford
to go back to the doctor's at the moment. I've been
sick on and off for the past year and cannot afford
to get a colonoscopy or go see a gastrenologist
to figure out a treatment for me. I would love
to just be myself again instead of going through
extreme tiredness and constant all over body pain.
I don't ask for much so consider your votes my Christmas



It's sucks not to have an appetite and try to
figure out what to have for supper.
Nothing to me sounds good.

I decided to have Chicken Mac.
Sounds easy enough. Maybe my hubby
could make it if he doesn't try to
burn down the house like yesterday.

-half box of elbow macaroni
-1 can cream of mushroom soup
-1/4 block of velveeta cheese
-1/2 bag of Tyson chicken strips

You know I was wanting to boil up the turkey
carcass but I think it's to the point of
where I need to throw it out. I just
don't have enough energy to deal with it.


You wanna know what the best part of my day was?
I called Tony and asked what he was doing.
He said passing out notices to residents.
I then say can you send a notice to the newest
maintenance guy who thought my cookie recipe
wasn't good enough to win a contest and thought
that the Hell's Kitchen chef would have many
things to say about it that wouldn't be good.

Well this afternoon I called Tony and asked
if he told the other maintenance guy that
I placed in the top 10 finalists. He said he did
and it left the guy stuttering!
Even if I don't win anything, placing in the
top 10 says something or in this case proves
a point to someone who should keep some of
their comments to themselves. I only wanted
to know how my recipe tasted. I didn't need
the few extra comments from the one maintenance
man to say it wasn't good enough to win a contest.
Man I could only dream that this recipe would
go onto to place in the top 3. I would make
a special trip to Tony's work with a check in
hand to flash it in front of this other maintenance
workers face and say, how do you like those cookies now?!
There's no sense of saying things that can
be hurtful to people. And we wonder why he
can't keep a girlfriend, lol.


Tonight while in Kroger I found a few manager specials.
This is the Karl/Morse Rd. Kroger.

-can of peas .29 cents
-2 pound bag of powdered sugar .99 cents
-1 pound 8 ounce bag chocolate chips $1.79

I also saw a couple places in the store
(in the refrigerated case by the service desk
& the refrigerated case by the milk)
rolls of Pillsbury cookie dough for $1.49.
I found printable coupons for $1.10 off 2
which would make this deal $1.88 for
two rolls of cookie dough or .94 cents each!!


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