Monday, December 19, 2011


Today is the last day of voting for the Nestle Toll House
which ends at 11pm this evening.


Please, please make it count today and get your votes
in. I really, really need this to happen!
Some people enter contests just because, I enter
out of desperation because I don't know what
else to do to make money other than to bake or
enter these contests. I do consider myself lucky
to have been chosen as a finalist and are very
grateful for that. It tells me I have potential.
It sure would be a big stress reliever around here.
Doctor bills are piling up and I don't have the funds
to pay them without the help of my friends and family
to try and make this happen for me.
It would be one of the most wonderful Christmas
presents this family would get and would help out
sooooo much. We are not on social security/disability
nor do we receive any kind of assistance like welfare.
We try so hard to make it on our own with what we
have or are lucky to come by. We stretch everything
to it's limits. I would love to put a smile back on
everyone's faces around here. Something I haven't seen
in quite awhile with all the struggling we've been
going through. I don't ask for help unless we absolutely
need it. While my husband is the sole provider for our
family, I am the glue that holds us together.
My glue is coming undone with all the sickness
and I need to find a way to strengthen it once again.



I kept Christopher home from school today.
He started getting a fever last night and
this morning was throwing up.
I'm trying my very best to take care of everyone
but I have the fear of also getting the cold
or flu on top of what I already have
to double my pain and symptoms.

Not to sound gross, but that the time of
the month, coming up soon, really does a number to me
when already having inflammation in my stomach.

I supposed my immune system isn't what it used to be.
So to double up on any infections, colds, flu
and what not, is not something you really want
to expose yourself to. But sometimes it's unavoidable
when you have a family to take care of as well.

Last November when I had one infection in my toe I ended
up with a stomach virus at the same time that the kids brought home
from school and it made the whole situation turn
from so so to really bad really quick with a trip
by ambulance to the hospital.



Mom's been working on trying to get me set up
with a gastreonologist. We've got two potential
places I can go to and are seeing which
can get me in the soonest. One says it won't be
til February and we might have to wait a day
to see what the other one says because this other
one wants a referral from my family doctor.
So it's looking like I may have to keep on suffering
for awhile before I can get in to see a stomach doctor.



I slept most of the afternoon til about 3:30pm. Good thing kids
also took naps or laid down in their beds.
The one is still running a fever so will probably
stay home tomorrow as well.

Feel like crap. My body is starting to hurt again.
I've take prescription pain medicine the last two
days and don't think I will take it anymore.
I think I get more of an effect from taking
ibuprofen than I do with them.


2 sample packets of catnip (mom got one also)

2 Fancy Feast cat ornaments in a velvet bag
(mom got one also)
now I have something to put in kitty's stocking.

I also got a free BNSF railway calendar.
Christopher saw a train calendar in Kroger
for about $18 that he wanted for Christmas.
There was no way I was paying that much for
a calendar. I managed to find one at a dollar store
for a buck and now he'll have this one as well
for Christmas that was free.

Well it's 4:45pm. Tony should be home soon.
Thinking about going and laying back down
some more. That's pretty much how I spend my days
because of being sick. Man it would be so
nice to be back to my normal self and not to
be spending it in pain and sleeping my days away.
Hopefully the one gastreonologist will call
back tomorrow to see how soon I can get into their office.

I don't know how I'm going to get through Christmas.
Still have all the wrapping to get done.
Plus I found out yesterday that my in-laws
want to stop in Christmas eve. Then my parents
usually come Christmas day for dinner.
Thank God it's a simple dinner of mostly finger
foods and a ham which is sliced up for sandwiches.

This is how I feel for Christmas-
Just think of a Christmas tree instead of
a jukebox in the song.



I'm about ready to bawl my eyes out.
I waited all day to get on Facebook
to tell others, now that they are mostly home,
to vote for my recipe before the deadline at 11pm.
I have been in bed most of the day.
I hobbled my ass out of bed, pain and all,
and yes I am in quite a bit of it at the moment
that it hurts to even walk a straight line,
to get over to my computer to put in my
vote and to let all my Facebook friends know and vote.
My child decided to put my vote in for me already
minutes before I got to my computer.
FREAKING RECIPE!!! My child hit the wrong one!!!
I GIVE UP!!!! I just wish one freaking thing
would go right!!!!
Going back to bed and staying there!!
I feel really horrible at the moment.
Just took my temp and it's 100.4 degrees.
I wish someone would just figure out what the
hell is wrong with me because I am so tired
of suffering!!!!


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