Friday, December 16, 2011



Did some Christmas shopping today from about 7:45
to 1:30pm. After that I think I came home and passed
out. I never even took my coat off and slept in
it from 2:00- 5:30pm. I knew it wasn't going to
be a good day for me the moment I woke up.
It was all I could do to go shopping today.

Tomorrow around 11am our family & my mom and
step-dad are all going to COSI. My dearest friend
gave us free passes to go. That was so nice of her!
I will try to take plenty of pictures to share
if I survive it. Hope I don't feel anything like
I did today.

3 more days to vote for my TOFFEE COOKIE BRITTLE.

I've been wanting to make some more but haven't even had the
desire to be in the kitchen baking. I spend most of
my free time sleeping anymore with being sick.


Mom's wanting to take us out to eat tomorrow
before going to COSI. I have managed to round
up 1 coupon for buy 1 get 1 free breakfasts
at Bob Evans
and Christopher got 2 coupons today at school
for 2 free kids meal breakfasts at Bob Evans.
That should help cut the expenses of
taking 6 people out to eat. 3 people can eat free,
1 meal (roast beef hash) can be split between two
people like me and mom (if I feel like eating)
and that would only leave one more meal to purchase
along with drinks.

Mom's been pretty persistant that I go see a
gastreonologist asap. She's willing to let me
borrow the money to go see one and while I'm
pretty stubborn to go see any doctor, I am so
ready to see what someone can do to make me
feel better. I can't take much more of the pain,
diarrhea, tiredness and no appetite.
And when I say I have no appetite I really mean
it. Absolutely no food looks good to eat!
Today I had 1/2 of a breakfast sandwich from Speedway,
no lunch,
then for supper I literally had about 1/3 of
a small hamburger, a couple of bites is all I could handle.
Then I tried to eat about
a 1/2 cup of almost plain, white rice just to
see if it would irritate my stomach and cause no
stomach pains or if I could keep it down.
I still got stomach pains.
And later on I was still running to the
bathroom with diarrhea and I got sick
from eating the rice soon after.


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