Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Just crawled out of bed. I must have slept
on my back most of the night because it
was everything I could do just to get out
of bed. Having back spasms this morning.
Hoping it clears up because I have a crap
load of laundry to get done still.


Free subscription to Super Street car magazine!



Been spending my day doing laundry and rearranging
my laundry room. Some day I'd like to paint my laundry
room. I have some yellow paint that I got one time that I
didn't like for our living room and ended up getting
another color. I'd like to use that color in the
laundry room to make it a little more cheerful down
there instead of feeling like a dungeon.

I got the ham and beans in the crock pot just now.

-1 large can cream of chicken soup (.79 cents)
-1 large can of water
-1 packet of sausage flavored country gravy mix- ($1.19)
-1/3 pkg stir fry veggies (it was the only veggies
I could find to throw in the soup that sounded good)
-leftover ham with bone (free)
-ham broth from making the ham in the crock (free)
It had water, ham juices, chicken boullion.
-onion powder
-5 kinds of beans, 1/3 cup of each
(most beans were free) .25 cents

TOTAL COST to make a large crock pot full of bean soup



Ham & Bean soup's still in the crock. I'm gonna
let it cook through this evening then put it
in the fridge for tomorrow.

Tonight's supper is something simple-
Pigs in blanket and mac & cheese.

-mac n cheese .75 cents
-can of biscuits cut into quarters .60 cents
-package of lil smokies $2.50 wrap biscuits around them & bake

4 servings @ .96 cents a serving.


I don't know too much about mp3 players or phones
that play music as I pretty much have basic stuff.
The kids each got an mp3 player for Christmas
and I have found a way to download music onto them for free.

For starters you want to have the folder pulled
up of files contained on your mp3 full screen.

Next find your downloaded files on your computer.
Reduce size of screen by clicking the box next to the
x at the top of the screen. You don't want to click
it completely off you don't want the screen
to be full size.

Go to VidToMP3

Then go to YouTube
and find a video of a song you like.
Once you find a song video you like copy and paste
the address into the vidtomp3 space on their website
and follow the instructions to download.

Next find the mp3 song name in your download folder on
your computer. Click with mouse and start to move
it off the screen. It will now move it over
to the file folder for your mp3 on the screen under it.
It then loads to your mp3 player when you do this.

Don't know if this makes any sense but it worked for
me and I'm not computer, cell phone or an mp3 player guru!



Nothing says lovin' like warm chocolate chip cookies
from the oven. That's one of the best .49 cents
spent on that cookie dough. Slice, bake and eat.
Doesn't get much simpler than that.

Still working on laundry and have been all day.
I've got about 1 1/2 loads left to do then
I might start on blankets. Might as well
since vacation time for hubby doesn't come
very often during the Christmas season so will
take advantage of it and try to get things done.

I have felt half way decent. Stomach cramps
aren't what they used to be and neither is the
tiredness, thank God! Still have restroom
problems to put it nicely and still take
ibuprofen for muscle aches and pains.
But I have been up running around doing
things while I don't feel too bad because
I never know when this crap will take a turn
for the worst. It has come and gone three
times in the past year and when it hits
it could stay for many weeks. And don't let
me forget to mention that the last three times
I ended up in the ER dehydrated, twice with
very low potassium levels. This time around
they checked my potassium and it was normal.
I've been trying really hard to eat things
with potassium in them and it seems to be working.
I still have a colonoscopy on January 4th.
The reason is because it will still eventually
keep coming back and I need medications to
keep it away for as long as possible before
the next episode. Kinda sucks they couldn't
have gotten me in this week, which they tried.
Being the new year for my appointment means
I have to meet my deductible first before
the insurance will start paying on any
doctor bills like this. I've told you are
insurance went up to $600 a month, well
our copay for hospital and maybe specialists
also went up from $200 to $300.

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