Friday, December 23, 2011



My stomach doctor's appointment is this morning at 9:45am.
I hope all goes well and they can give me something.
At the moment I have not had any ibuprofen since about
3:30pm yesterday so are feeling every little ache and pain.
I just wanted to see the doctor without any pills
covering up the pain. I do have some ibuprofen stashed
in my pill bottle key chain to take some immediately
upon leaving my appointment. That's pretty much
the only thing right now getting me through each day
and taking much of the pain away. It doesn't take
the tiredness or vomiting away though. But I haven't
gotten sick since Wednesday evening.

I was looking over a sheet of some of the tests
they ran while in St. Ann's. You know what pissed
me off is that they don't ask enough questions.
I saw that I'm going to be charged for a freaking
pregnancy test! I've had the operation to not have
that happen so why in the world have a test done for it.
They should of asked me first!! I'm sure that won't be cheap.
When they can charge you about
$5.00 per Tylenol tablet I wonder how much that
test will be. Did they even ask, do you think
you could be pregnant, hell no!

I've been to the family doctor, urgent care
and the hospital for my problem. No one seems
to give a crap or wants to do anything for
my symptoms. I am praying that this gastreonologist
knows what he is doing and can do something for
me because I can't take much more!!!



Back from the doctors and mom took me to McDonalds
for lunch. They have a colonoscopy scheduled
for January 4th. Then we'll go from there
with the results from that.
I just got my first dose of ibuprofen in me
for the day. Been hurting pretty good
and I am VERY tired so might go lay back
down for a bit. I need well rested to start
in this evening with wrapping ALL the presents.



This evening we took the kids out and drove
around to look at Christmas lights.
We also stopped in Walgreens and I got
mom an 8x10 photo of me and my brother from
Thanksgiving. I found an 8x10 frame
at Dollar General for $2.00. This will
be one of mom's Christmas presents.

The 8x10 photos are regularly $3.49.
They have a sale at the moment for
for 8x10's for a $1.00. The price will be adjusted
at the register when you pick them up.
No code or coupon needed.


Here's a stocking stuffer for all the moms and dads out there!

HERE is a printable coupon for $10 off KY products.

Walrgeens has a sale on the
K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants
K-Y Yours Plus Mine Kissable Sensations for the Body
for $14.99 making it $4.99 with coupon.
Plus I also read that you get back a $5.00
register reward to spend at Walgreens on you next trip.
So all in all it would be like getting this FREE!

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