Tuesday, December 27, 2011



2 days after Christmas and the house is still wiped out.
And here I sit looking over the war zone, staring out
the window at the gloomy, rainy day that is supposed
to turn to snow by tomorrow. Boy, this really makes
me want to get up and start cleaning. I'm not quite
sure where to start other than to pop a couple
ibuprofen so I don't feel the pain. So I sit
here and survey the damage. Maybe I should
start with laundry considering I'm two days overdue
with getting that done. Then I'd like to start taking
down the Christmas tree and decorations. It's been up
since the day after Thanksgiving so a month is long enough.
I know many people keep them up til the New Year but if
you have a small home it sure helps to get any needed
space back by putting these things away just so you
don't feel like you are living out of a box.



Having ham for lunch again. We've had it three
days now and don't think we could tire from it!
The way I made the ham this year has been the best.
I put it in the crock with 1-2 tsps of Better Than
Bouillion mixed with water to cover the bottom.
I slathered it up with some maple syrup
and honey mustard mixed then coated the outside
of it with brown sugar and sprinkled allspice
all over it then cooked it for 4-5 hours on high.

Now 3 days later I have saved all the juice
and broth from the ham and will cook the ham
bone up in a pot with 2 sausage flavored
country gravy mixes . I'll divide the pot into two.
One will be used for ham and bean soup,
the other for potato soup. This will probably
happen tomorrow since I have so much to do today.
Still working on getting the house put back together.
We've got the decorations and tree taken down just
have to start hauling everything to the basement
throwing some loads of laundry in between trips
down there.



Working on tomorrow's supper and/or lunch.
I found 5 different bags of beans in the pantry.
I used 1/3 cup from each bag and have
them soaking in a pot with a little baking soda.
Tomorrow after soaking I'll add in some
chicken broth, ham broth, ham pieces and
the sausage flavored country gravy.


I'm not sure if I posted about a new store coming
soon or not. The old Good Will store on Morse
Rd. near Big Lots is going to be another Roses store!
There's one already on 161 and Karl Rd.
We went there to do a little Christmas shopping but
didn't really get a chance to check the whole
store out. I saw in their ad that they had
my Scott's toilet paper for $1 cheaper than
Kroger or Meijer.



This evening we made a run over to Tony's work
to get rid of some Christmas trash.
While in that area I wanted to stop by the
Henderson Rd. Kroger to see if they had
any mark downs. Once again I found better
food deals than I did any Christmas items.

4- 12 packs Kroger diet cola
was $2.50 each
paid $1.29 each

Three of those 12 packs are mom's. I always call
her when I'm out shopping and find a good deal
to see if she wants me to pick her up things
when I find them.

My next deal I found was almost 2 pound rolls
of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough.
I've seen them marked down at other Kroger stores
for $1.49. Henderson Rd. Kroger had them for
.99 cents each. That's a really good price but
to sweeten the deal I found a blinkie coupon
machine with $1.00 off 2 Pillsbury cookie dough.
That made 2 rolls of dough .98 cents for 2 or .49 cents each!
I'm sure these rolls are around $2.50 to $3 normally.
I bought all 10 rolls of chocolate chip cookie
dough they had. They also had gingerbread and a roll
of peppermint.
I plan on putting them all in the freezer.
You couldn't buy a dry cookie mix for .50 cents
let alone the ingredients to make cookies
for that much!!

At reg. price $3.00 x's 10 is $30.00
Manager special price .99 x's 10 is $9.90
minus $5 worth of coupons $4.90

Total saved by waiting for mark downs and using coupons-


Being vacation time and all we splurged and got
2 Donatos pizzas tonight. One double pepperoni
and one supreme. BUT my splurge was still a deal.
I got both pizzas at Kroger. They are usually
$10 each but are on sale right now
2 for $10, $5 each. Cheaper than delivery or pick up
at around $10 or more a single pizza. Heck it's the same price
as a Little Ceaser pizza but with more toppings.


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