Sunday, December 18, 2011


From COSI.

We knew COSI was going to have a train exhibit but didn't
tell Christopher. It was a surprise for him
since he loves trains.

Jonathan got brave enough and rode the unicycle
across the tightrope.

Well it's only 8:45am and I am considering going
back to bed. I got up about 8:00am and have
already made about 4 trips to the bathroom.
I feel like crap but what's new. SSDD!!
I was still having stomach pains with the
pain medication I took last night.

1 week before Christmas.
2 days before the kids go on Winter break.
1 week before Tony gets almost a week off from work.



Sorry everyone I have been down and out today.
I went back to bed this morning and slept again
from 8:45am to noon then have been laying in bed
ever since. Tony's been doing all the cooking and
cleaning and looking after the kids. I'm trying
to get a little energy built up to do at least a couple
loads of laundry. I've been taking my medicines.
Not sure that the pain medicine does anything as
I still get the stomach pains with them.

PLEASE don't forget to vote for my
I really appreciate everyone who does vote!!
It's hard to stay on top of it at the moment
and there's only two days left to vote.
Just wish I had more energy. I have none other
to lay in bed and make the occasional trip to the bathroom.

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