Tuesday, December 6, 2011



My friend stopped by today and dropped
off our early Christmas presents,
all this meat below:
10 pounds hamburger,
6 pork ribs,
24 pork chops,
1 pork roast &
a ham!

THANK YOU KENDRA!!! This will help out so much!!!


Worked on another dessert recipe this morning
for Tollhouse. I got the one done yesterday
and it needed to be refrigerated to harden the
chocolate on it. Well there's no space to
put it in my fridge. I didn't think it would
hurt to set it outside on my back step
for about 15 minutes, it was dark and all
the squirrels had gone to bed. I checked on it
15 minutes later and some critter had eaten
a portion off it. Ain't that just my luck.



WOO HOO, after three years or so of waiting,
my brother was finally able to get 2 deers
this year. The first one for mom and the
second for us this past Sunday. He estimated about 100
pounds of meat from each deer. So I think
we'll be stocked up on meat for awhile :0)
Between Kendra's Christmas gift and
my brother's deer, we will save so much
money on groceries by not having to buy
meat. Believe me, it is so needed at the moment.
My grocery lists to the store now each week
consist of 5-10 items, if that, and those items include
milk, butter, eggs, pop, bread, cheese and whatever
else I can find marked down. And that's down
from about 40-80 items!
This all should be more than enough
to get us to tax refund time for the
next two months.


I finished up the second batch of my "cookies'
for Tollhouse this afternoon. I got smart
and put the cookie sheet in the truck to
cool off so critters couldn't have a snack
like they did yesterday.


I got another 80's song playlist done.
This one is for 1982 - 1983.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones



Ok, I know women shouldn't discuss their weight
but I thought it was odd that I keep losing it.
About 5 years ago I was 160+ pounds.
Then I went off regular pop and now
drink diet pop and hovered around 140 pounds
for about 4 years. I just weighed myself
and the scale said 128 pounds!!
I haven't weighed one hundred and twenty
anything since high school!!
I haven't been doing anything or any diet
to lose weight!! I haven't felt well
and haven't had an appetite so that's
probably the reason for it.
I've waited 23 years to see the one hundred
and twenty something mark and just wanted
to share it with you whether it's a good
or bad thing.


No school tomorrow for Columbus students.
Oh goody, two kids home in the middle
of a school week. Maybe I can get some
housework done since I don't have to
run to and from the bus stop.



I just entered my recipe into the Toll House contest.
It turned out really good according to the comments
my family made. Now time to sit back, play the
waiting game and see what happens. So nervous!!
You just don't know how bad I need this at the moment.
The contest ends
December 8th. Judges will pick 10 finalists
then online voting will begin Dec. 13-19.
I hate online voting because I don't feel like
it's really based upon how well your recipe
is but how many people you know and can
get to vote for you. Been there done that and
have been chosen by judges before and ended up
in the top 10 twice but because it was online
voting and I do not know a lot of people
obviously I didn't win. Oh well, I try and
that's the best I can do. Got my fingers
crossed and leave it in God's hands at the moment.





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