Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Just got done making one potholder out of
about 4-5 of them. And as luck would have it
my iron took a crap on me. And I still have the
same amount of aprons and fabric shopping
bags to make for the women on my Christmas list.
I don't know when I think
I'm getting all this done along with
Christmas baking, Christmas shopping,
wrapping gifts, cleaning house, cooking,
laundry- you name it. I have to make something for
Tony's potluck at his work for his
Christmas party and I usually send in
a tray of homemade cookies. Plus they are having
a white elephant gift exchange. I found him
a present for that, a bottle of Chaucer's Mead wine
in a black velvet stocking. Both these items
were found for free probably in a move out apartment.

I'll just have to do things one day at a time
by cutting out patterns in
my free time then sewing them another time.
Then spend another day working on cookie dough.
The problem is I have no energy, my body aches
at times and I'm so tired all the time.

I need to go to Aldis
tonight to pick up a few grocery items
for this weekend plus we are out of milk.
I plan on having dinner for our guests
on Saturday and have been working on
planning that out.

-Bruschetta Chicken Breasts
-Spaghetti with sauce
-Garlic & Cheddar Biscuits
-Side salad
-Pineapple Upside Down mini cakes.

Then after Aldis we need to stop by
mom's and fix her leaky sink pipes.


all freebies.

3 piece John Freida hair lightening
shampoo, conditioner & spray. (Facebook)

Sundown fish oil (Facebook)



Tony called and said he is working about an hour
late tonight.

This has been one of those days I've been
depleted of any energy and just wanted
to lay down and sleep my day away.
After seeing Tony off to work this morning
I laid back down, something I rarely do.
And I also laid back down this afternoon
til not long ago.


I had Tony take a bunch of the Toffee Cookie Brittle I
made to work today. I use the guys at his work as
taste testers when it comes to recipe contests.
They all told him they were very good.
Tony said the new guy at his work liked them
but made the comment that they weren't good
enough to win a contest. I told Tony to tell him
he was fired as my recipe tester, lol.
At least yesterday I felt as though I had some
hope but today after hearing that, it kind of
burst my bubble. While I want people's honest
opinions of how things taste, they could
leave out the other comments. This new guy said
if I was on Hell's Kitchen that guy on there would
be tearing my recipe apart. Well, ya know, I'm not
making recipes as a chef or some fancy restaurant,
it's for the basic kitchen cook for pete's sake.
I gotta let the comment not bother me because
the new guy is really nice and probably doesn't
understand the whole process of what I do
and what kind of recipe contests I enter.
Gotta think positive, Tony didn't bring any
leftover cookies home so they must of ate them
all. I tried and I tell the kids all the time
that trying is better than not doing anything at all!



Just returned home from Kroger. Spent a little
more than I wanted to. I checked the bank account
today and it keeps dwindling down. Going to
be really scraping by for the next two months
that's for sure. Hopefully doctor bill collectors
can hold off that long to get the rest of their

I got me some juice tonight, strawberry & banana juice.
I saw that it had potassium in it so I splurged.
I don't care for bananas but the juice tasted ok.
I'm thinking my potassium levels may have dropped
is the reason I've felt like crap. At least that's
what the problem has been in the past where the
doctor has given me a prescription for potassium.
You should not take over the counter potassium
on your own because too much in your body can be bad.
But if you eat or drink it in it's natural form it
is good for your body compared to pills.


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