Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Mom called the pharmacy last night to see if I could
take Ibuprofen because the prescription pain meds
weren't doing anything for me.
The pharmacist said I could. They helped out
the pain soooo much better!!

Even though I'm still a little shaky this morning
I got up the strength to throw a roast on the
crock pot this morning. I plan on using half the roast
and shredding it up to put in some chili.
The other half will go towards another meal tomorrow.

1/2 deer roast- free
1 jar chunky salsa- $2.50
1 can Wolf no beans chili- .35 cents
2 cans mild chili beans- free
1 large can of tomato juice- free

Total cost to make $2.85

I have the in-laws coming Christmas Eve so
decided before any energy I have gave out
I would try and finally make up a batch or
two of Toffee Cookie Brittle. Maybe one now
and one later on or another day.

I start by lining a cookie sheet with sides
with non-stick aluminum foil overlapping the sides.
Then today I used a boxed sugar cookie mix.
Mix it up according to directions on box
then press it out into the cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and allow to cool.

Later on I will make the topping for it because
I don't want to overdo it at the moment
and are starting to feel weak again and muscles
are shaking. At least I got this far. It's the most
I've done in a long time. Hubby's been making
supper for us.

I thought about making an ice cream cake for
Christmas day to go with our dinner.
We'll see how I feel.


I wanted to show you some things hubby found.
Someone left all this in a box beside at
dumpster at his work. Every little thing helps.

-Bottle of 2x Ultra Tide
-Bounce dryer sheets
-Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner
-Bottle of Kiwi water resistant spray
-Bottle of Febreze
-Bottle of Windex
-Box of Cut-Rite wax paper
-Homelife gallon zip storage bags
-Homelife sandwich zip bags



Mom called and found a gastreonologist for me
near downtown Columbus at Broad & 71. I have an appointment
for Friday at 9:45am. Now mind you everywhere else
wants to give you an appointment for around February!

I decided not to use the sugar cookie dough I made
up this morning for toffee cookies.
Instead I took a pizza cutter and cut the large
cookie down the middle lengthwise then cut
the entire thing into strips.
I then frosted each strip with some cream cheese
frosting. I cut strips out of a portion of
the cookie mix box and used that as a guide
for sprinkling red colored sugar on them
to look like candy cane sticks.



Wow I can't believe how well ibuprofen works
for severe pain and even stomach cramps.
I took two this morning and they've lasted up
until a half hour ago. Problem was I let them
wear off and got an instant reminder of
all the pains, difficulty walking and stomach cramps.
I gotta be more prompt with taking pills.



Thank God for ibuprofen or I wouldn't be able
to make Tony an ice cream cake for his work
potluck tomorrow. I think he mentioned something
about it about a week or so ago and tonight
about 8pm reminded me once again that it was tomorrow.
Ahhhhh. So I started making the cake at 9pm.
I did a white cake mix, divided it among three
bowls and tinted one bowl green and one red
the other I left white. I marbled them all
together to make it look Christmasy.


Cake is done and is cooling in the fridge.
I also have the ice cream softening in there as well.
Then I'll need to fill the cake and put it together
then decorate it. Just sitting here thinking
if I had been reminded earlier today I could
have had this done already!


Got the ice cream in the cake and it put together
and in the freezer. Debating whether to wait up
and frost it or to do a quick frost job in the morning.

Here's some pictures of me and kitty in bed
earlier this evening. He fell asleep on his
back with legs stretched out.

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