Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Once again I PLEASE ask for your vote which
you can do once daily for the next couple of days
for the Toffee Cookie Brittle.
You have to wait a whole 24 hours before you can vote
again. So if you voted yesterday, please wait
and vote around the same time or later today.

Everyone liked them so much around here and at Tony's
work (minus the one maintenance guy with no taste buds, lol)
so in the near future I plan on making a second batch.
I found a good deal on a large bag of chocolate chips at Kroger
last night. So with that big of a bag hopefully I
can whip up a couple batches.



I got supper going in the crock pot.
I put in a large can of sauerkraut,
a little water and a pork roast.
Tonight I'll make up some mashed potatoes
to go with it.



Tony got off work early today due to overtime he had.
He wants to take me to Urgent Care.
I can't imagine what they can do for me to
make me feel better. So getting ready to head
over there now. Will let y'all know how it
turns out.



Home from Urgent Care and Kroger.
It went just as I thought it would,
they pretty much don't have a clue.
And of all things the doctor tried to
tell me I had bronchitis. HELLOOOO???
Did he hear me tell him I had coughing fits,
felt like I was breathing fire, pain in my chest,
congestion, or felt like there was pressure on
my chest or difficulty breathing????? I know what bronchitis is and
I sure as hell don't have it!!
How did he come to that conclusions when I said
I have no apatite, sleep most of the day,
have strong stomach cramps, diarrhea, some
vomiting & body aches all over.

I ended up with a prescription for diarrhea
medicine and zithromax which is used to
treat bronchitis and pneumonia!!
Here's a list of side affects from zithromax

upset stomach
stomach pain

How am I to know I would be having side affects
when those are some of the symptoms I have already.

I give up at the moment. Don't know what else to do
about my IBS. IBS usually means that doctors
know you have a bowel/stomach problem but the don't know
what it is, how to cure it, what to do about it or why people have it.
Don't believe me, Google it!!

Oh, and this evening I was telling the urgent care doctor
that my family doctor ruled out having Chron's
Disease by having me get a cat scan done.
This doctor thought I was nuts for telling him that.
He says there is no way you can determine
if someone has Chron's disease just by having
a cat scan.

Ok if that was the case about the cat scan
then why did I even have it done and get billed
about $700 for it if it couldn't determine
Chron's Disease. And people wonder why I don't
like doctors.


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