Thursday, December 15, 2011



Last night we started having lights flicker in our home
after I went to the basement to get something.
This morning I turned on the light in the basement
to get some clothes and the next thing I know I'm
standing in the dark. The breaker tripped.
I did not turn it back on because I don't know
what the problem is to cause it to go off
and make the lights flicker. So for now I don't have
power to 1/2 of Jonathan's bedroom (which has the modem in it
and had to run an extension cord to another bedroom
just to get the internet to work), no power in the bathroom,
dining room, stove, microwave, lights under the carport
and half the basement (which includes no power to my
large freezer!) Like I said I'm afraid to trip the breaker
because obviously there is a problem somewhere that
is causing lights to flicker and the breaker to trip
and I just ain't figured it out yet.




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I also got my gas bill today and was shocked by it.
Being December you would think it would start
getting high. My gas bill for this month
was only $38.00!! So loving that!


I was going to bake up some toffee cookie brittle
today but can't at the moment with the stove
having no power to it. No microwave either so
it looks like some peanut butter and jelly for lunch.


I took my prescription pills last night before
going to bed, including the ones for bronchitis,
because I figured what the heck maybe it might
fix something that is wrong with me.
So far I haven't had any diarrhea or stomach
cramps. It does feel like it tries to have
a stomach cramp but doesn't go through with it.
So hopefully I'll see a change with the way
I've been feeling lately. I'm still only drinking
water, juice and powerade, no pop. I don't
expect miracles overnight and each day I hope
to feel a little better.


Each day I check the Nestle Tollhouse contest.
They do not show you how many votes you have
received so far so I have no clue. But I have
noticed that each day each photo of the finalists
is rearranged in a different order. I don't know
what to make of that or if that means anything.
My photo went from being 6th on the first day,
5th on the second day and now it is the second one.

Everyone PLEASE keep up the good work with
all your votes each day. There's only 5 more days
(including today)
left of voting which ends on Dec. 19th.
Then the winners will be announced Dec. 20th.
This would be an awesome Christmas present to
be able to place in the top 3 because at the
moment we are just scraping by. Like I said
I don't even have any extra spending cash for
Christmas presents that I have to use gift cards
we've been saving up from surveys or
Speedy Rewards points.
And thankfully Urgent Care didn't charge me
last night to see the doctor. They said they
would turn it into my insurance company first
then bill me later on.

So please vote for-



The shit doesn't stop around here. I swear there's
a curse hovering over our heads and it just won't go
away. I really need the prize money more
than ever now! Tony came home and took a better
look at our breaker box. None of the breakers
have been tripped to cause the electric to go off
to half the house. It's from water leaking onto
the breaker box. The breaker box was put in brand
new right before we moved in as it was part of the
contract with the house when we had it wrote up
because it had an old one in it with screw in fuses.

So anyway we have an electrician coming tomorrow
afternoon to fix the problem. I pray to God
we don't have to have the breaker box replaced
because that could cost around $800 or so.
At the moment I have to borrow money just to
get this problem fixed. While I don't have
a working stove or microwave at the moment my fridge is still
working but that means we have to go out to eat.
My basement freezer isn't working
but I'm hoping everything inside it will be ok
for another day. The stuff in there is frozen
pretty solid compared the fridge & freezer upstairs.
Still don't have power to the dining room,
half the kitchen, the bathroom, outside lights
most of Jonathan's bedroom and half the basement.

While my stomach cramps have calmed down some
from yesterday my belling is hurting some, but
not cramping. It's a no wonder I have been sick.
The stress with everything is eating at my insides.

If I've made any typing mistakes forgive me.
I'm sitting mostly in the dark on the computer.
We don't have much light in here with half
the house not having power. Don't even have
a house phone that is working because of it as well.
So if you know me and need to reach me
then use my cell number.

I think I'm just going to go bawl my eyes out.
Please, please, please have your friends and family
vote for my recipe in the Nestle Toll House contest daily.
I don't know what else to do at the moment
if I don't have that hope of trying to win.
I pray to God for some help and I don't
know if this is His answer for me or not
by becoming a finalist.
He knows that I try my best,
I don't ask for much,
and even help others out the best I can when I don't
even have a dime to spare.



2 maintenance guys from Tony's work kept on insisting
they come out and fix our breaker box.
They just left not long ago and they did fix it!!
WOO HOO, no need for an expensive electrician.
These guys went to Menards, one bought the part which
cost $50 and told us it was our Christmas present!!!
That was soooooo thoughtful of him!!
I'd of hated to see how much the electrician would
have charged to fix it!

Well I'm tired, my belly is aching (not cramping though)
and I'm ready for bed soon.
Tony has tomorrow off work and me and him are
going Christmas shopping. Wish me luck with that
since I have not been feeling very well.
I have a hard enough time walking around a
grocery store.


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