Wednesday, December 21, 2011



I got up at 6:00am this morning just to frost
and decorate an ice cream cake!
Not fully functional to do anything at that hour
let alone decorate a cake!
By the time I got the cake out of the freezer
tinted frosting, got something to drink,
ran to the potty, had a quick smoke, it
was already 6:30am. I pretty much did it
in a half hour because hubby had to leave at 7:00am.
I had stomach cramps and hot flashes on top of it all.
It looks better in person and I added more
red sugar sprinkles to fill in the gaps after taking the photo
to give it more of a glittery affect.
It's supposed to be a ball ornament with
a candy cane hook.



Did I see this right?
60 degrees for December 21st in Columbus, Ohio?
Oh yeah, we're probably going to pay the price
around February with a blizzard or something!
The one year the blizzard hit in March.



Free small bag of Seattle's Coffee

Free bottle of 5 Hour Energy drink

Free "Hot & Juicy" t-shirt from Wendy's
(I had it sent to mom's so now each kid can have one for Christmas.
The other t-shirt I got says "Here's The Beef."

Free bottle of Peter Thomas Roth
laser free skin resurfacer.


Woo Hoo, Tony gets all of next week off.
That has never happened before!
It will be a nice change with everyone home
for most of Christmas break.



I've been in bed most of the day.
Had stomach pains and no energy.
Got up this evening to tidy up some
and Tony helped me make supper.


1 pound deer burger- free
1 box penne pasta- free
1 jar spaghetti sauce- $1.00
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese- $1.00
1 loaf French bread cut into quarters- free
grilled with butter and garlic powder.

Total cost $2.00
makes 7 servings @ .28 cents a serving



Just got back home. Tony had made a comment
earlier about maybe going to Walgreens and then
stopping by his work but he said we could
wait and do it because I didn't feel well.
I said I wasn't feeling too bad and could
use the fresh air so we went. We stopped in
Walgreens and got some eggs since they are
.99 cents there. I had no problem. We then
went to his work right across the street.
He went into the office and I was
sitting in the truck when my stomach pains hit me.
I rushed out of the truck hoping that I could
get inside to a bathroom because I have diarrhea. Tony was
locking the office up and I got this overwhelming
urge to throw up by then. I threw up out back of the office
in the yard. Tony was upset with me at that point
for even wanting to come out of the house.
We then had to have him take me to the maintenance
shop so I could use the restroom. So much for my outing
with trying to get out and get some fresh air.
I think I'll just crawl back into bed now.
I tried. One more day til I see the gastreonologist.
I am so hoping he can do something for stomach
pains & diarrhea during this visit before I
have another go round of dehydration again.
The hospital would not give me anything for
the diarrhea.

Nighty night


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