Saturday, December 17, 2011



Tony's going to take the boys to COSI this morning.
There isn't going to be a trip to Bob Evans
nor is grandma, grandpa or myself going.
Instead they are taking me to St. Ann's emergency room.
I can't take much more. I was ready to go
last night but opted to lay down and sleep
through the night and get some more rest.

So I have to get ready to go.
I am hoping so bad that they can figure
out something or at least give me something
to make most of my symptoms stop.



Just got home. Mom stopped by Bob Evans on the way
home and I managed to eat a little bit.

I had an iv which they shot up with medicine
to make me less nauseated. That made me
feel really weird within seconds of putting it
the iv. Then they ended up giving me 2 bags
of iv fluid because they said I was dehydrated.
They also did a cat scan on me which showed I have
colitis, an inflamed colon. They gave me three prescriptions-
sedative for pain,
and something for upset stomach.

They told me I need to see a gastreonologist
so that I could get better treatment for my
condition and that I would probably need
a colonoscopy to discover what is causing
my problems.

So that is how my day has gone.
Tony is still at COSI with the boys and has
been there most of the day. We kept in contact
the whole time I was in the ER. He said he
took plenty of pictures and videos.

Oh, right as mom was picking me up to go
to the hospital, santa was coming down the
street on the firetruck parade like he usually
does each year. I waited outside with the boys
for that before going to the hospital.
I also have a video as well.
We'll see later on how I feel about uploading
pics to the blog to share.
At the moment I don't feel too bad. I think
the iv fluids did do some good but I do still
have some stomach pains and diarrhea.
They didn't want to give me a prescription for
the diarrhea thinking it was the body's way
of flushing a virus or whatever out of the body.
I'm thinking, hmmm, I've had a year of
diarrhea, don't you think it should have flushed
out by now! Oh well. At least they didn't tell
me I had bronchitis like Urgent Care did.
I still can't believe they told me that.
Anyways I'm supposed to go off the antibiotics
for that and start taking the new antibiotics


Please don't forget to vote today.
I so could use this money to pay off
past and current hospital bills
and future doctor visits that I need to get better.
Just to walk into the hospital today cost
$265 for my copay which mom paid thank goodness.
BUT I still need to pay her back in the end
when I have the money. She doesn't seem to think
that I can wait any longer without getting
proper medical attention to my sickness.
And neither can I because I can't take much
more of the sickness and pain it's putting me through!



Just home from going to Henderson Rd. Kroger
and getting my prescription. We had a really
good time while there because this was the weekend
they have santa and goodies out. The samples
-chocolate fountain with pineapple, melon, marshmallows & strawberries
-fancy cheese spreads & breads
-crackers, a couple different cheeses, couple different hams & dip
-sugar cookies
-hot cocoa
-roast beef slices
-strawberry cake
-gingerbread crackers

I also got a free sample of ax deodorant.

Plus we got to visit santa while there
and the kids each got 4 bags of candy!
Might of been because we knew santa personally.
(during his off season his job is the butcher, lol)

I had a bunch of free coupons I used at Kroger tonight also.
Got all these freebies, about $15+ worth of stuff-

-2 loaves of artisan French baguettes
(Jonathan found this free coupon on the floor in Kroger
a couple weeks ago)
-Stouffer's steak meal
-Smart Balance milk
(Jonathan found this freebie coupon
in Kroger parking lot earlier this week)
-Renuzit air freshener
-Axe shower gel

I got all three of my prescriptions and they
cost under $3 for all three thank goodness!!

While checking out and paying for our groceries
Jonathan was lingering in front of the checkouts
and happened to of found a $20 bill on the ground!!!!

The kids got to see Santa twice today.
Once at Kroger and once this morning.
Here's a video from the small Santa parade
down our street. This is a yearly event.

They pass out boxes of candy. This year we
got three boxes. In this photo you can see
exactly how much candy is in each box.


This ain't even fair. Tony just ordered a pizza for
supper tonight. I have been specifically told by
doctors NOT to eat greasy or fried food like pizza!
About time to take my pain pill and go pass
out somewhere so I don't have to smell or look at it.
I am still having the bad stomach pains and diarrhea.
So will take those pain meds in the evenings since
they say they are a sedative.

I'll show you the videos
that Tony took while at COSI today tomorrow.
My stomach is hurting pretty good
and I'm about ready to take my meds and go lay down.
I was lucky to get this far with my blog.

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