Saturday, December 3, 2011



Oh goody, just what I wanted to do at
about 7:30am on a Saturday morning,
get up and pay bills. So depressing.
It's too early to start crunching numbers
and trying to make my mind work.
Good thing I am a month
ahead on our house payment because
I can't afford to pay it this month.
Counting down, 2 more months til
we get a tax return.

My plans for today are getting the parts
for the dryer and hopefully getting it fixed.
I also plan on making a turkey today,
maybe some cookies,
and hopefully getting the house tidied up.

And waiting for the pager to go off
to go help Tony at work. Any overtime
is good at the moment even if they only
allow 10 hours, anything else over that
they send them home from work early
which really sucks especially in the Winter
time when you can put in many hours
of overtime repairing frozen water lines,
non working furnaces and plowing/salting
the parking lots.



Here's what my honey found me in a unit
he was punching out yesterday. (means to turn over
an apartment after someone moves out and
get ready for another tenant)

a couple bunches of fake flowers.

2 purple sheer curtains panels
& 2 valances with beads.

3 lace curtain panels

2 eyelit curtain panels

2 silky plum colored curtain panels

a table runner

Also these items which I have not seen yet because
he put them in the shop at work.

New Jeff Foxworthy DVD still in shrink wrap.

Karaoke machine


& Cordless phone



Went and got the parts to the dryer this morning.
By using the discount we saved $12.
Was $30 and we paid $17, almost half price!

I'm pretty sure that the fuse and the hi-limit
thermostat will fix the problem.
We've located both on the dryer but before
Tony could put them on he got called out
on an emergency page.
In order for a fuse and thermostat to go
bad you have to locate the problem which
is usually a clogged vent of some sort.
Here was the problem. At the base of
the lint vent beneath the dryer door
is where the clog was found.

Currently my dryer is torn apart.

This is what the hi-limit thermostat (right) and
fuse (left)looks like. You get two fuses in the kit.
One is for a gas dryer and the other is for an electric.
These can be found up top of the dryer drum
below your instrument panel.


I got my turkey all prepped and in the oven.
I had a jar of mandarin oranges in 100% juice
that the kids didn't like so I pureed them up,
mixed in some brown sugar and honey mustard
and seasonings and injected it into the bird.
Then I rubbed some maple syrup on the outside
and then rubbed it with brown sugar and put
it in an oven bag.

I plan to make up some homemade stuffing,
scalloped potatoes and some cream cheese corn
to go with the turkey.



This past week I have gotten-

Free coupon for Renuzit adjustable air freshener

Free Kotex sample

Free Scotch Brite Greener Clean Sponge

Numerous free magazine subscriptions

Free serpentine belt tester



Well there is a good thing to having
a turkey baking in the oven several hours,
the furnace hasn't kicked on all this time.

Tony's still not home from work yet.
Kids are watching some Pee Wee Herman movie
on tv and my eyes are twitching hearing
his laugh!
So ready for a nap. While I got up around
7:30am most everyone else slept in til
about 10:00am.

I got my scalloped potatoes ready to go in the
oven once the turkey is done. It still has
another hour to go or til the meat thermometer
says it's done. I am using my dehydrated potatoes
and onions for the scalloped potatoes so we'll
see how they turn out.



Tony just walked in. Just pulled the turkey from
the oven and put in the scalloped potatoes.
Check this bad boy out!



For the past hour me and Tony have been working on the dryer.
We cleaned out the clog and the dryer vent.

All this was from underneath the vent clean out
screen- clogging it.

This is what we got out of the vent hose.
We even ran the leaf blower through it
and the other part of the dryer with
the clog.

We did have a problem with the door switch which
NEVER had a problem the whole time I've owned
the dryer. It was running ass backwards.
The light was coming on with the door shut
and goes off when open. We got that fixed
because the wires were criss crossed.
Then the clip wouldn't stay in place very well
and we had to bend it some to go back into
place, better but still wobbly. Now the dryer switch sticks and you
have to manually push the button to get
it to unstick.

Anyhoo, the dryer is fixed and back to normal,
thank God! I hate to brag, but I was right as
to what was wrong with it. It overheated
due to the lint clog causing the hi-limit
thermostat to shut down the dryer causing
the fuse to blow.

$300 for a new dryer or $17 to fix it yourself.
I like the $17. Don't want to know how
much an appliance repair man would have charged
to come out and fix it.

I so love the internet when it comes to trying
to figure out how to repair things.
I did this for the alternator on the truck
and now the dryer.



Sitting down to our late, at home, Thanksgiving dinner.
Will be ready for bed after that! My body is throbbing
and tomorrow will seem like a long day with all
the catching up of the laundry I need to do.
I never got my house tidied up today and it
looks like a war zone thanks to a couple of kids.
It just never ends. .

I know what it feels like to be a fireman.
Almost done with supper and the pager goes off.
Gotta run, got water coming through someone's ceiling.


5:00 - 10:30pm

Yes siree, that is how long we have been on
ONE page tonight, 5.5 hours!! When you start out
with one problem, go to fix it and cut into
a main water line for the whole building,
well then, that just makes the night go
just a little bit slower. You'll have that
when you have old buildings and you wonder
what they were smoking when they designed them
and the plumbing in them. No main water shut offs
for each building so it required having to
shut the water off to half the apartment complex.
I know, what is half the complex, let's just say
about 440 apartments!
It was a top apartment which meant the bottom
apartment below got flooded pretty good.
Had to call in a carpet company to extract
all the water then put out blowers to dry it all.
They did away with the main pager awhile back
and now the pages come straight to your personal
cell phone. Let's just say I played secretary for
most of the calls that came in. I had never heard
our cell phone ring that much in so little of
a time frame!! It got to the point the cell phone died.
I alone had to listen to 60 recorded
emergency messages from residents about not
having any water. And that wasn't all of them.
Two other guys, the property manager and the
maintenance supervisor went through the rest of the calls.
We had to go through them all
in case there was another emergency that wasn't
about not having water.

Oh my gosh, it has been one of those nights!
This ranks up there with getting a call
that an apartment is on fire. Been there
done that on many occasions. And you have to stay
there the whole time til the fire marshal says
they have all the hot spots out. Then you get
to secure the place by boarding up windows
and doors. Yup, that makes for a long evening
as well.


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