Sunday, December 25, 2011




I finally got to bed around 3:00 - 3:30pm.
Not sure how I am going with little sleep.
We got up at 8:00am.

Getting ready to serve lunch. Got the
ham warming up in the crock pot, got
toffee cookie bars made this morning
and got an ice cream cake frosted.

Well I am going to go for now.
If I am still awake later this evening
I'll post pictures/videos from our Christmas
with the family.



I laid down and took a 4 hour nap. While I felt
pretty good today the tiredness finally took over.
Considering I was awake for 19.5 hours yesterday
without a nap that's understandable.
I feel so much more relaxed now that it's over
with and don't even care if the house is a little messy.

Mom's ready to go out tomorrow and do some
after Christmas shopping. Not sure how I'm going
to do that with very little money. I usually do it
every year with her.

Pictures from our Christmas-
I usually don't post how much I spent
on our Christmas but since it's been
a rough Christmas money wise for us
I thought I would add what I paid for things.
I managed to somehow
pull it off and are so proud of being
able to make this a merry Christmas for everyone
on very little money!!

This is not everything everyone got!

Call of Duty MW3 for XBox 360- free with
gift cards from doing surveys along with
the other 2 games!

Full Auto game (free)

Resident Evil Game (free)

Wendy's t-shirts gotten free from Facebook.

Train Simulator (free)

1 of three shirts and a pair of jean shorts
I got from Dollar General for $1 each.

Railroad calendar (free) & new black polo shirt $1.
They boys each got 2 new shirts and each a new pair of
pants for $1 each. Damien also got a new t-shirt $1.

Jonathan's guitar amp. $4 to $5 at a yard sale.
A coworker gave us a free cord to attach the
electric guitar to it. (guitar was something we
found at Tony's work)

Digital picture key chain new in package.
Got for .50 cents at a church sale.

Radio controlled car ($2 at a church sale)
Each boy got a 4g with video mp3 player with headphones.
(free from doing surveys)

(free Tony found at work)

Dual motorcycle hothweels hyper wheels.
(free from Kroger thank you bonus)
Dart board
(free from Tony's boss)
The other mp3 player
(free from doing surveys)

Cooling fan for laptop
(free from gift cards from Tony's work)
Cookie headphones, each boy got a pair.
(free from gift cards from Tony's work)

7 VHS American Railroads set $4
(from flea market)

Rifle & pistol BB gun set.
Plus a bottle off BB's not shown.
(free with gift cards from Tony's work)

Badminton set.
$3.50 Meijer clearance sale and used
Damien's store employee discount.

Bod cologne gift set .75 cents.
Meijer after Christmas mark down from last year.

Each boy got a flashlight with batteries.
Free with coupons at Walmart.

BMX bicycle
(free Tony found at work.
Spent about $3 for a new inner tube)

2 electric scooters with chargers.
($5 each at a yard sale)

Open face reel.
($3.50 Meijer's clearance bin plus
Damien's employee discount)

Shick Hydro 5 razor with travel case.
Not shown Shick bottle of shaving cream.
Both free with Kroger coupons.

Norelco rechargable shaver with charger.
(free. Found in an apartment at Tony's work)

Picture frame
($1.00 from yard sale)

The boys & hubby.


Mom brought most things. I made the ham (free)
made the toffee cookies (about $2 for ingredients) and
and made ice cream cake ($1.50).
Party tray with meat, cheese & crackers.
(was $15 marked down to $5.99 at Kroger)

Mom and Don

Christmas lunch.

Mom's gifts.

Glitter angel musical snow globe.

Glass beaded necklace & bracelet set
(.50 cents for both at a yard sale)

Beaded necklace
(.50 cents yard sale)

Beaded blue necklace
(.50 cents yard sale)
Avon's Night Magic cream
(.25 cents yard sale not pictured)

OSU jacket
($8.00 from the thrift store)


Photo of me and my brother from Thanksgiving.
(8x10 photo from Walgreens $1.00
Picture frame from Dollar General for $2)

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