Sunday, December 4, 2011



The pager went off at about 3:30am.
Someone called to say their water lines
were making weird noises. Well of course
some will when you shut off the water
and some will get air in the lines causing
the noise til water is left on long
enough to flow through and clear it out.
So there was no need to go out on that call
but it makes you jump outta bed when the
phone rings.

Then I was up for about an hour trying
to get back to sleep. Everyone's lucky they
don't have a truck driver as a neighbor.
Our neighbor starts that damn truck up
every morning about 3:30am and revs it up.
It's a regular semi truck with a sleeper
on the back and is diesel so it sounds
like a truck stop right outside my window
early hours of the morning.

Well I got the first load of laundry done
in the washer. Getting ready to try out
my dryer that hasn't been used in three weeks.
Got my fingers crossed it all goes well.
I'm sure it will cut my dry time down lots.
It was taking almost 70 minutes to dry one load.

I've been trying to clean house in between loads
of laundry. I've got a lot of catching up to
do for not feeling the greatest for the last
couple of weeks. The muscle aches aren't as
bad but I still tire very easily and need
to take many breaks.


Wow, my dryer is running like new again.
What a difference! What used to take about
70 minutes is now down to around 45 minutes!
Maybe, just maybe, this will also help
to get the electric bill down even further.
I mean think about it, it was taking an
extra 25 minutes per load to run the dryer,
so yeah that's gonna hog some electricity.
I think electric dryers use around
4,500 to 6,000 watts per hour.

Lets say I did 5 loads a week at 70 minutes
to dry for each load. That's 350 minutes of
drying time or almost 6 hours of use of the
the dryer each week.

Cut that down to 45 minutes for each of the
5 loads and we're now looking at 3.75 hours
of drying time.

A difference of almost 2.5 hours.
at an average of 5,000 watts per hour I'm
saving 12,500 watts off my electric bill
each week now or 50,000 a month!!

So just when you don't think you can shave a
little more off one of your utility bills,
go clean out your dryer vents and the front,
inside of your dryer and see how much of
a difference that makes on your electric bill.


My honey found me this All 80's Man
music broadcast. Now I can turn this on during
the day and do housework and cooking to it, lol.
Sometimes you need a little variety of 80's music
to listen to other than what is on the radio or
cable tv music because they seem to get stuck
on certain bands or years.


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