Wednesday, October 10, 2012




Got me a pot of potatoes boiling.
I added some garlic seasoning
and chicken bouillion to the water
hoping the potatoes will absorb it
to add more flavor.
I am so loving all these seasonings
I found!  For supper I am making
fried cabbage, potatoes, onions and bacon.
I know the kids won't like it so
are making them fried meatloaf sandwiches.
Yesterday I made meatloaf and potato
"cupcakes".  I ended up with 7 leftover.
4 was divided up into two freezer lunches
with mashed potatoes and macaroni
for Tony and the other 3 is what
I'll use for their sandwiches.

I made the mini meatloaves because it
was faster to bake than one
large meatloaf. 
I ended up with 14 mini meatloaves
using 2 pounds of deer burger, egg,
italian bread crumbs, onion soup mix.
I would have liked to use tomato soup
but didn't have any and used some
leftover spaghetti sauce instead.
I topped each one with
a mix of ketchup and brown sugar,
1/2 slice of bacon and leftover taco cheese.
Use 1/3rd measuring cup to scoop
meat mixture and put into cupcake pan. 
Bake about 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.

For the potatoes I used instant and
stirred in some leftover parmesan,
butter and garlic I had mixed up from
the previous supper.  I topped them
with a little paprika.
Served with macaroni & cheese.

I only ate one mini meatloaf
while everyone else had two.
I have to cut my meal portions down lots
because I'll get a severe bloated belly if I don't :0(

It's only 9:30am and I think I'm
going to lay back down.
I'm extremely tired for some reason
even though I slept through the night.
Potatoes are done, drained
and cooling.  At least I got that
done this morning.


I hate when this tiredness takes over like that.
I slept from about 9:45 to 1:00pm!
I still have pain in my right shoulder
which makes it difficult to lift things
or move my arm in certain directions.
 I think I'm going to start taking
Vitamin D and make a
joint juice concotion
with a packet of fruit pectin
added to a 64 ounce bottle of 100% grape juice.
Drink a 4 ounce glass twice a day.
This will make enough for 8 days worth. 

Cheaper than visiting a doctor
and getting pumped full of prescriptions
and/or shots.  Look at how many people
who have meningitis because
of getting back pain shots!!!
I think the death toll is now 11 dead
and over 113 ill.  Over 13,000 people
may have gotten these shots
and are still at risk.
I'm not even for flu or pneumonia shots
unless it is absolutely necessary!!! 
I've gotten one of each of those shots
in my life and still ended up with 
the flu and pneumonia.

This is good for knees, elbows, neck,
shoulders, back, hips, hands & wrists, feet & ankles.
Don't expect an overnight cure as you
have to keep drinking for a couple days
up to a week or maybe more to see results depending 
upon the person.  Once it starts to work
keep up the regimen on a daily basis
to keep the joint pain reduced or away completely. 
I do this all the time for joint pain
and it seems to help.  I have even given
it to Tony when he has severe hip or back pain.

I pour out a little of the grape juice 
from the bottle before adding
the pectin, add pectin, shake,
then add the glass of juice back into 
the bottle and shake again.
I found many boxes of pectin marked
down to .79 cents at Kroger and stocked up on them.

Pectin Grape Juice

for people with joint pain and arthritis

Homemade remedies made from fruit pectin and grape juice can relieve joint pain, and reduce swelling and stiffness. Pectin is found in the cells of many plants and acts as a thickener in preparations such as jellies. Grape juice is loaded with antioxidants, among them, anthocyanins, noted for its effect on reducing inflammation. Pectin regulates the flow of fluids in plant cells and is believed to act to relieve fluid buildup in the joints of arthritis sufferers. 
You can read some people's
testimonies to using the grape juice pectin
for their joint pains HERE. 
I don't care for doctor's too much so 
are all about home remedies when and where possible.
I have a library of all types of home remedy books
to resort to when someone gets sick.
I know for a fact my family doctor would try to
send me to physical therapy for all
my aches and pains.  I never went.


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