Wednesday, October 17, 2012



The day has only just begun and I'm soo tired
and ready to head back to bed!



I took a nap for 3-4 hours this morning.
I feel like crap.  Body is achy all over,
especially my shoulders.  Can barely
raise my arms up because of it.
Think of when you have the flu 
but minus the high fever and head congestion
and runny nose.  That's how I feel with the body aches.
Going to grocery store tonight to pick up
a few things, hopefully something
easy for supper because I really don't feel like
fixing anything major!

Was thinking about making some
of these to go with supper one night this week.
They didn't look too hard to make-
Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescents. 
Kinda reminds me of those turnovers you get from Arbys.
Those have chocolate in them though
and are really flaky to the point you make
a mess trying to eat them.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescents


Here is Sugar Bun's 
(I think that is what mom named him)
cat hotel for those chilly nights. 
He's a stray and is an outside cat.
I'm thinking about making a little
curtain for the door to keep any drafts out.
There's a little bit of duct tape on the top
to cover up some vent holes to keep
rain out plus it sits under a covered up picnic table. 
Sugar Bun does get inside and sleep in there :0)


Pain and all I got a couple things accomplished tonight.
I feel like a rag doll with floppy arms.
Shoulders are so tender and hurting
that I put some of those Dollar Tree
medicated patches on each one.
They seem to help some.
The tylenol, not so much.
Even my neck is hurting.

Well let's see, first I broke my cigarette maker.
Not too hard of a fix.  It was a spring end that broke
off which is typical of these machines.
Clipped off the end that was broke, took some needle nose
pliers and bent some of the spring out to make another
hook and wallah all fixed.
Here is where I got a diagram of what the inside
of these machines look like and where everything
goes.   The rubber backing comes of really easy
to get to everything.  When I saw a spring hanging
and broke I wasn't sure where the other half
connected to so that's where the diagram came in handy.
I also oiled up all parts with some WD40.

Tomorrow they are calling for 100% chance of rain.
I went outside and cleaned our wiper blades
with some hydrogen peroxide, pouring some onto
a rag and wiping the blade several times.
My wipers have been leaving streaks on the
windows so hope this will help.
You could also use rubbing alcohol or even vinegar.
 I also did Tony's wiper blades.

Next I put some defogging Rain X stuff on
the inside front windows and doors
of mine and Tony's vehicles.
It's clear liquid that smells like alcohol.
You pour onto a rag and wipe onto windows.
Once dry buff out with a clean towel.
It's supposed to prevent your windows from
fogging up.  Oh yeah my shoulders
felt wonderful after that.
You could also try some regular shaving cream.
I've read you can wipe shaving cream on 
your bathroom mirror and buff it off
to keep it from fogging after a shower. 

And lastly I decided to go ahead
and make the cream cheese and chocolate
crescent rolls.
Talking of Arby's earlier I changed the recipe just
a tad.  It called for 1 tsp strong coffee in the 
cream cheese.  I made my coffee with instant.
I added 1 tablespoon with a little water along with a couple
tablespoons of hot chocolate mix
to give it a jamocha flavor.
For the drizzled chocolate on top I didn't
melt it in a saucepan.  Instead I put the chips
and shortening in a bowl in the microwave
for 20 seconds, stir, 20 seconds, stir, 10 seconds.
Then put in a baggie, snipped a little piece
of the corner off and squeezed onto crescent rolls.
Not the greatest artwork of drizzling considering
the amount of shoulder pain I have!
I just wanted to get it done.
No matter what it looks like it all tastes
the same and ends up in the same place. 
I only ended up making one can of 
crescents for a total of 8
with the entire recipe for the cream cheese filling.


Going to retire to bed soon with a heating pad to watch my programs Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness.
Still trying to run around and get a few things done 
but it's getting to the point it's hard to walk
with pains in legs and hips.  Waddling like
a duck or like I've got something up my rear.
Plus I still have bowel problems with having to
run to the bathroom more than normal
and have stomach pains that come and go.
I hate Crohns!! 
I'm trying really hard to just deal with it
and the pain.  Some days are much better than others.
My insurance does not cover
the shots and my prescription medicine now is already
outrageous.   My only option is to just suffer and go
to bed and sleep my days away when I can
to keep the aches and pains from getting to me. 

I watched some of the presidential debate last night.
I don't understand all that jazz I really don't!
To me they are all liars in one form or another
making promises that they know they cannot keep.
I was so tired of hearing about middle and
upper class millionaire families!!
What about the low income families??!!
Someone needs to do something about how much
health care is costing us and how the lower
income families can afford medical care
and prescriptions without having outrageously priced
insurance, copays, & deductibles, which ours are going up again.  Enough is enough.  A one income family cannot afford $600+ 
a month for health insurance!!  Sacrifices have to be made
in big ways to afford it.  
And someone needs to do something about social security and those with lower incomes when they retire.  I get social security statements now that say I might only be able to collect 75%
by retirement age.
And then being able to afford Medicare, supplements,
taxes, food, house payments
and all your bills on top of that is just crazy. 
You expect car manufactures to cut back in
order to receive bail out money.
They have to give up luxuries like private jets.
Why don't we do that for these politicians.
Make them fly in regular planes, dress in
clothes from Walmart, eat off the dollar
menu from McDonalds and ride around in a Yugo.
Our tax dollars are giving them a life
of luxury while we are barely making it.
What kind of money is being spent on debates
and tours for this election??
Could you imagine what America
could use that money for that they are wasting.
Put it towards homeless people and getting
them back to work so the economy can grow.
Put it towards affordable health care.
Food banks need replenished for those who cannot
even afford to eat a hot meal each day.
Help families who have lost their jobs
and help save their homes from foreclosure
and keep them from being homeless.

As for gas prices, start digging for more oil
in the US instead of depending upon 
it from other countries so we can afford
to go to those jobs and spend money
at stores to give the economy a boost.
When gas prices go up so does the prices
of food and other items.
Don't try to sell us cars that get better
gas mileage or that can run on electric.
That ain't gonna happen for us 
lower income families who cannot afford one.
We drive around in our beaters that are
more than 10 years old!
Give us more affordable gas prices.
In 26 years since I started driving
gas has risen $3.00+ a gallon!!

Oh, and just once, I would like to be 
able to go to the store and buy something
that says, MADE IN THE USA!!!
Not made in China!!!

Romney and Obama can say all they want, I don't believe them!!

 I gotta go to bed.  When the pain
gets to me I get irritable as you can tell, lol.


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