Thursday, October 4, 2012



Well that was different this morning.
Our trash day has been on Monday.
We have city trash with the trash truck
that has the mechanical arm that grabs the large green,
city issued, trash cans.
Our city street is completely surrounded
by township streets on all sides, odd I know.
Anyways this morning the township must
of had some newbies on trash patrol.
They use the standard trash truck where guys
hang to the sides of the truck and have to jump off,
grab trash cans and dump them in the back end of the truck. 
Well I hear this loud truck outside and look out the window.
It's the township trash truck and a guy jumps off it
and walks up near our home and grabs our city trash
can and somehow picked that big sucker up and
dumped it in their trash truck.  Almost took our
regular plastic/rubber trash can with a lid that's full of
our aluminum cans.  I'd of been pissed if they did.
They had removed the lid and threw it on the ground
but did not dump it once they saw what was inside.
Trash men should not walk up to people's houses
to get trash cans. They should only get the ones
sitting out by the road.  But anyway I just thought it
was odd that these township contractors had no
clue as to what trash needed to be picked up and where.
Fine by me that we got our trash dumped twice this week, lol.
That never happens! 


I've been talking lately about how to save money
for things like Christmas  and emergencies.
Another thing I am finding is I should start saving
ahead of time for our vacation because it would save us
money in the long run.  Last year we visited Michigan
and went to our first NASCAR race.  
M.I.S. (Michingan International Speedway)
will send you information about the race
for the next year and will also will let you renew your 
same seats at a discounted price if you reserve them in advance.
By doing this I could save $60 on tickets for a family of 4.
I'll have to pay full price for 2013 if we go because I have
no money set aside for our vacation at this time.
During 2013 I will be putting money back 
here and there to be able to save up to purchase 
2014 tickets by November of 2013 for the following year
at the discounted rate.   
They do offer a credit card payment plan with 10% up front.  
Plus by using one of the online 
Hotel reservation sites you can eventually qualify for a free
stay at a hotel.

This is old news but thought I'd share it anyway
since it was on the Today Show.
It happened in Cleveland Ohio where a
car drove up on the sidewalk to go around
a school bus picking up a handicap child.

People around here have a hard time comprehending
what flashing red lights on a school bus means.
Every day many people drive right through them
once the bus has stopped.  I hear the bus driver
blowing her horn constantly at these people
and I hope she is noting the license plate numbers.
I think they should put red light cameras on the school bus
to site these people for their wrong doing which
could end up injuring children.
My children have to cross a somewhat busy
street in front of the bus and pray every day
that the traffic has stopped before the bus driver
waves them on.

This morning when getting the kids
ready I poured a little baby powder down the backside of
one of the kids shorts/undies to keep them from sweating
and chafing too much while at school or in gym.
And do you know moment later he farted and
it looked like smoke shooting through his shorts, LOL!
 Oh my goodness, the things mom's have to go through!

Wondering what to have for supper.
I asked the kids if they would prefer 
potato soup or a sausage gravy over biscuits.
They chose the gravy & biscuits.

I got to thinking of still somehow incorporating
the potato soup.  I think I'll cube up and boil some potatoes
and put it in the "sausage" gravy as well to 
make it more filling.

2 Aldi mild flavor sausage rolls ($2.00)
2 packets sausage flavored gravy ($2.48)
2 cups water
About 2-3 potatoes (.25 cents)
1-2 cans of cheap biscuits ($1.00)

I might fry up a couple eggs (.45 cents) to put on
top of it all and sprinkle some leftover
cheddar cheese on top.

If there would happen to be any leftovers
I can freeze them and make pot pies with it later on
and throw in some peas and carrots.


Time to put the ole thinking cap back on.
Mom has a stray cat that hangs out on her porch
and I'm wanting to figure out a way to make a
cat house for this Winter.

I saw a couple good ideas on Google.
One was to use an old hard sided cooler.
Not sure where to find a cheap or free one though. 
I'd even settle for one that was split or broken.
Anyways they cut a door into the side of it
and added rope lights to the removable top
to keep it warm in there.  There reason for using
a cooler was because it is insulated.

I'll be keeping my eye out for something to make
a cat house out of at my honey's work in the
bulk pickup or even on the side of the road in someone's trash.
I was also thinking about finding an old 
enclosed end table with a door.
I don't know at the moment but will let
y'all know what I come up with.

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