Sunday, October 21, 2012



Went down to the South end flea market this morning.
Boy it was sure foggy down there and
around the downtown area!
So foggy that cars were actually doing
the 45 mph posted speed limit in
construction zone.

I got the boys 6 pairs of headphones for the computer.
We seem to go through lots of headphones
for some reason.   The lady wanted $1 each for
them but I told her all I literally had at that time
was $3.00 which was true.  I started to walk
away and she said she would take the $3.00 :0)
They are nice headphones too.
All brand name- Philips.

Bottom right black headphones worth $79.99!

Both white pairs has a list value of $99.99
but on sale for $54.04!!!

2 blue and black pairs have a list value of $59.99
but on sale for $29.99!!

Red pair has list value for $39.99
on sale for $14.98!

So $233.04 worth of headphones for $3.00!!!!

And I also got two small fans for $1.00 each.
At first the guy said $5.00 each and once
again started walking away when he yelled he would take a buck.
One day I would like to make a solar powered pop can
heater.  Still kicking myself in the rear end
because when I bought my solar shed light at a yard sale
the guy had another solar panel by itself for .50 cents
and I didn't get it.  I thought I had also
found some engine spray paint as I need
some high temperature paint needed for this project
but the can was almost empty, bummer :0(

I know what is a solar can heater?
Check out this video below or
check out the different varieties and sizes
you can make off youtube.
Sure I have an electric fireplace heater
but are afraid of raising the electric bill anymore
considering it uses 750 watts on low
or 1500 watts on high.  
Just trying to find ways to cut back anywhere
and everywhere I can with utilities.
I saw where you could possibly make these
out of foam insulation panels instead of wood
to make it easier to move/lift.



Went up to Dublin to see Tony's mom.
She works over there.

My hip pain is almost gone, yeah.
But...I still am not feeling the greatest.
My shoulder has not subsided, not even the least.
And my stomach is in an uproar with 
many not normal bathroom trips.
And I feel more tired than normal.

Well the good news for the day is
that I got the flash drive to work on the tv, yeah :0)
We can now watch movies.
I don't know what the deal is with it stopping
about 1-2 minutes into the movie when I plug
the flash drive into the dvd/surround system.
So we tried plugging it into the XBox 360
and it works just fine.  
I was considering getting a VGA cable to
connect the computer to the tv.
I saw a couple today at the flea market used
but everyone wanted $5 for them.
I 'm not paying that much for a used one
when I could buy one from Microcenter for $5.95.
Lots of people were way overpriced on things
today at the flea market.  I go there to get
a good deal.  If I want to pay retail prices
I can go to a store and buy the stuff new.

This afternoon we finally got up the
solar outdoor light.  I think we kept forgetting
about it as we left it out in the yard
to charge up.  Anyways it's now up.
We've got it facing near the driver's door
of the truck by the security camera which
can be seen near the gutter in the photo.

Well I have laundry to do.  Will probably get
enough done today to last a day or two for right now.
I'm so tired.  Plus I gotta round up some change 
for the kids to have lunch at school this week.
Just ain't with it at the moment
with shoulder/neck pain, a stomach that feels raw
and the tiredness. 

Well that's about it for now.
Tony just brought the heating pad out to where I'm sitting
and has it around my shoulders.


Only ended up having two loads of laundry this week.
I didn't do towels or blankets today
as I'm just not that energetic.
Maybe one day this week with 70 degree
temps where I can wash and hang those on the
clothesline outside.
Most school clothes, if they weren't dirty,
I hung back in the closets for another wear
before washing. 

Got supper going on the stove and in the oven.
Something simple.
Hot dogs ($1.00) on buns (.69 cents), 
mac & cheese (free)
and brownies (.50 cents)
eggs, milk & oil for mac & cheese & brownies (.50 cents)

Total cost to make supper with dessert $2.69

I'm trying out a brownie pan my friend gave
me similar to this pan HERE.

Once the hot dogs were boiled and served I saved
the water and put some cubed up potatoes in
it to boil.  I plan to make up some breakfast burritos
for a couple days this week.

-pound of ground sausage fried up and drained.

-add 6 to 7 eggs with the sausage along with cubed potatoes.
Fry til eggs are cooked.

-Add 1 pkg sausage flavored country gravy
along with 1 3/4 cups water.
Stir til thickened.

-Sprinkle shredded cheese onto flour
tortillas and add about 1 cup of 
sausage, egg, potato & gravy mix to
each tortilla.  Roll up and put into baggies.

I made 10 breakfast burritos for this week.


Earlier Tony got the yard cut and ran over any
leaves with the mower.
We rarely bag our leaves due to just
mulching them with the mower.
He also got the gutters cleaned out.
I'm sure we'll have to do this a few more
times til all the leaves fall from the trees.
We have LOTS of leaves still left.
Only one of the trees out back has started
changing color.  The other is still green.
I got my Freesias planted for next Spring.
I planted them in 4 pots, two that sit on each side of the
front steps.  In the middle of two pots
are solar lights.


Well I'm gonna go take some tylenol
and watch my programs.
When I say Tylenol I mean acetaminophen.
It's easier to say and write it as tylenol, lol.
You cannot find Tyenol tablets, capsules whatever on store shelves,
only the liquid flu and cold relievers.
I guess I'm a little slow to know
that Tylenol tablets have been off 
store shelves since 2009 due to 
26 recalls from mold and musty odors, pesticides,
wood and metal particles, infectious bacteria,
overdosed and underdosed medicines. 
Tylenol, the safe brand recommended by hospitals, lol.
Now I wonder what they are giving patients???
Other products targeted for recalls by this
same company included
Rolaids, Motrin, Benadryl, Imodium, Sudafed PE, Aveeno, Zyrtec and Simply Sleep brands.
I'm always researching things.
Becoming more knowledgeable
is the best thing you can do for yourself!
This is what I found out about Humira,
the injections you can get for Crohns, Rheumatoid 
Arthritis and Psoriasis which helps these
diseases go into remission but many cannot afford.
Drug companies are in it for the money!
I could be taking Humira shots to help the Crohn's.
BUT my insurance doesn't cover it
and it is VERY costly so I do without it.
It is a drug called biotechnology
which are treatments derived from living cells
that specifically attack diseased cells in people with
Crohn's.   Biotech drugs such as Humira are
the worlds most expensive!
Humira is costing patients, their employers
and health insurance companies $20,000 
for one year of treatment with this medicine!
It could run higher depending upon the patient
and dosage needed.
President Barack Obama signed into law
the Affordable Health Care Act March 2010.
This will help the FDA to approve generic forms
of biotech drugs when their patents run out
which won't start for Humira until 2016.
It still could be awhile before we see a generic
version of Humira as no one has started one
and if a generic one is made then it has to go
through clinical trials.
My prescription Lialda is very expensive even
with insurance and I'm sure it has something
to do with what I mentioned above.
I have read that a manufacturer has made
a generic form of Lialda but Shire,
the makers of Lialda, have filed a law suit
against them offering the generic form.
Lialda's patent is due to expire soon. 

It's all a bunch of BS if you ask me.
If it has to do with health insurance,
doctors, hospitals and prescriptions
they will take advantage of you knowing
they have you hook, line and sinker
because you have no other options.
About like gasoline.
They know Americans need it to go to
work and other places.
Up goes those costs because they
got you right where they want you.
You depend on it, you need it
you can't go without it,
so they up the prices of those things.
 Welcome to America,
Then land of the greed, not free!

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