Saturday, October 13, 2012



Got up at 7am feeling achy.
Oh dear God, why today am I feeling like this.
Praying that a couple Tylenol does the trick.

Got everyone's clothes laid out and ready to go.
I don't think I have the patience or strength
to do hair cuts this morning, just throw
everyone in the shower.


Ok, well here is my wedding gift I made.
 There are other gifts in the bottom.
2, two to three foot tall iron candle
stands with glass globes,
2 Rachel Ray cookbooks
and a glass jar of bath soak.
Around all that is the paper shredding
mainly to keep a couple of glass items
from breaking.

Box is wrapped in a silky, white fabric.

 Bow and handles are done in wire lace.
The bow is strung through the lid and side
of box to be able to tie the lid closed.

I cut out red hearts with the bride and grooms names and put on top the box.

 The ribbon handles are strung through the sides
of the box and tied on the inside and secured 
with hot glue.

 The inside of the box is lined
with lace printed wrapping paper.

On top and scattered around the main gifts are paper shreddings
and little note cards. (marriage survival tips)
The note cards have sayings on one side
with items hot glued on the backside.

-Box of Sweethears, "Because you are each others sweethearts"

-Crayon, "To color your future bright and sunny"

-Toothpick, "To pick out the good in each other"

-Paper clip, "To help you hold it all together"

-Match, "You're the perfect match"

-Penny, "To give you cents (sense) to know which
battles are worth fighting & which are better ignored"

-Eraser, "To remind you that everyone makes mistakes"

-Box of extra strength Bayer,
"No more excuses"

-Air freshener, "Honeymoon's over he/she
will start farting in bed now"

Candle, "May the glow of romance always
be a part of your love"

Teabag, "For the times you get into hot water"

It would have been nice to have a different type
of colored shredded paper but I had to make
do with what I had.


I think I have blisters on my feet, lol.
I don't wear high heeled shoes very often
but during special occasions.

I got my hair to lighten up some more.
This morning I showered and used
some Dawn dish soap on my hair
and it helped to remove some of the
darker brown color.
Now it looks golden brown. :0)

You know it's gonna be a good wedding
when you arrive and soon after this
arrives in the parking lot, lol.

The kids got swords and shields.

Our table was the Dragon Table!


This morning my son started raking all the pine
needles from the yard and filled my flower bed with them.
The roses and hydrangeas will have their Winter
blankie now.  Plus I'm hoping the needles will
help smother out any weeds. 
This evening I raked up more pine needles
and filled the flower beds more
while Tony started mowing the grass up
until it got dark.  Will finish up tomorrow.

If it's free I'm putting it to use!  LOL

I still have Zinnias and Flying Saucer Morning Glories
that are still thriving and blooming even
after these cooler low 30's temps.

Getting ready to retire to bed soon and watch
some tv.  I'm wore out!
My belly has been in an uproar for the past couple 
of hours with about 3+ trips to the bathroom
since being home and lots of bloating
feeling raw and air bubbles!  I did good I thought at the
reception and passed on any salad and raw
veggies knowing they weren't good for my
digestive system.  I don't know at the moment
what is causing this bowel flare up.
I try to diagnose it by what I ate or drank
so I can avoid it so it doesn't happen again.
Chicken was baked not fried so that was good,
I've eaten cooked green beans and carrots
before with no problems along with mashed potatoes.
Rolls, don't have problems with gluten or bread.
Crackers, cheese- those don't bother me.
 The dip? (may have had chopped up fresh
veggies in it)
Olives?  Not sure about that one as
I don't have them that often.
Apple cider?

Ok so it has to be either the gravy,
dip, olives or apple cider.
I am in no way saying the food was bad because
it was really good!  I'm just trying to figure
out what is causing a Crohn's flare up
which has to do with what my system can
or can't tolerate or digest properly.
I'm supposed to keep a food diary but I don't.
I usually take a mental note of what I have
eaten lately when the flare up happens.


Belly is starting to hurt!
Oh my goodness.  Time for another potty run!
And to head to bed, take my medicine
and hopefully things will be better tomorrow.
I'm sure I'll have to get up a few more
times during the night and head to the potty.
This sucks!  Can't my body let me have
a good time for once without acting up!!??

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