Saturday, October 6, 2012



According to for our are
the temperature outside is 44 degrees and feels like 38.
Our temperature inside our home with NO
furnace on is 71 degrees.  It only dropped 5 degrees overnight.

If it's sunny outside open your curtains and blinds
to allow solar heat to come into your home.
At night be sure to close those up before
the sun sets to trap the warmth inside your home. 
My home faces North so we only have 1 side window
in the morning and 2 side windows in the afternoon
that gets direct sunlight.  The other 6 do not get and direct sun. 


Just saw on Facebook that my nephew just shot
his first doe with a compound bow at 8:00am this morning.
I didn't even know it was deer season yet.
I hope that is good news because me and
mom are totally out of deer meat.
I can afford deer meat to be processed by my brother at
about $1.00 per pound mixed with sausage compared to
these outrageous meat prices per pound in the stores.
Maybe around $3 to $4+
I don't know as I very rarely buy hamburger.
I know the prices of meat will be
on the rise next year so this would help
out soooo much!


Got laundry started and a few things
tidied up around the house.

Need to run a few errands.  
Cheap errands like the Dollar Tree.
Also need to find a box.  Got a wedding coming
up next weekend and I need a box to 
put our gift in.   Since it is partially breakable items
I'm gonna have my step-dad run some newspaper
through a paper shredder to use as the filler
in the box.  
Almost broker than broke and trying my hardest
to make things work.  Payday is a week away
and that still doesn't put us in the clear.
We are pretty much living from paycheck to paycheck
watching every penny spent.

Was working on a pair of the boys pants
from where they sat in some silly putty of all things.
I cannot afford to lose one pair of their pants
at the moment so out came some home remedies.
First I placed a dab of peanut butter on them
for a bit.  Then I put a couple ice cubes on it to
kinda freeze the putty to be able to scrape it
off with a knife.  It worked thank goodness.


Went to Kroger and Dollar Tree.
Spent $26 at Kroger and $3 at Dollar Tree
for basic stuff for the week.
That's almost $10 less than I spent last week.

Some deals I got.

8 two liter bottles of pop
(Diet A&W, Sun Drop, 7UP, Sunkist)
 They were $1.00 each on sale
and I had 4 coupons for
$1.00 off 2 bottles.
That made them .50 cents each
or $4.00 for 8 bottles.

They were out of any pop I like
in Big K two liters.
I did manage to find a 12 pack diet cherry cola
in the mark down bin for $1.29.

We also needed cat litter.
Found a 25 pound box of Fresh Step
originally $14.50 marked down to $4.00
because the box was cut and taped up.

Campbells tomato soup marked down to .39 cents

Campbell's Chunky sirloin burger canned soup .59 cents
I like to get Tony some of these soups for those
days when I don't have leftovers to give him for lunch.
Sure beats a package of ramen noodles.

18 count large eggs $2.59

2 Kroger pizzas $2.99
Didn't get the rising crust pizzas like I usually
do because they were over $5 each.
I buy those when they go on sale for $3.33.

Got a gallon of milk, actually two half gallons
were cheaper than the gallon by about .10 cents.

Dollar Tree

2 bags of sweet potato fries $1.00 each

1 large bag of cheddar cheese popcorn $1.00

Lunch today was hot dogs with sweet potato fries.

Supper will be a couple frozen pizzas.

Still have not found a box yet for
my wedding gift.  I would have gone around
the Dollar Tree shopping center out back to find
one but have the fear in my head of the patrolling 
security trying to chase me off.
Will never forget the time I was getting
some boxes out of dumpsters over
there and security said I was stealing boxes
out of the dumpsters and told me to leave!
The stupidest crap I've ever heard if you ask me.
Anyways Tony thinks he might have a couple
at work that I can use.


I've decided to color my hair.  It's been loooong overdue
with the darker roots and grays showing through.
It sucks that I have gone most my life up until having
my last child with natural blonde hair.  After he was born I think
hormones changed and my hair went dark for some reason.
So now I go with a light blonder for the Spring and Summer
months and a darker color like light golden brown
or reddish brown for Fall and Winter so I don't
have to keep up with the darker roots because
of so many things I have to do for the holidays.

Sucks getting old!!!!

It's so much easier doing blonde hair color.
I get the darker hair dye all over me from my face,
ears, neck and arms.  You don't see that
with a blonde color.  Scrubbing like crazy
to get the dye off my skin.  I even put lotion
around my hair line and ears.  Didn't work too well.

Almost time to go rinse the dye out.
Don't I look so thrilled sitting here with
a Kroger bag on my head, LOL!
Hoping to pretty myself somehow.
Men don't understand what women
go through to look the way they do that's for sure.


I did a medium reddish brown on my hair
because I wanted my hair to be one color
because my roots were dark.
If I'd of put a golden brown color on my
hair like I wanted I was afraid I'd have a two toned
head of hair with 1/4 dark brown roots 
and 3/4 of light golden brown hair.

Ok, now to lighten this color some
because it's waaay too dark for me.
But like I said I wanted to start out with
one solid even color.

Now this is what I want to do next,
warm bronze highlights. 
I don't want mine as dramatic as the gal on the box.
This kit is for paint on highlights.
I have a cap and hook that I want to use instead
if I can talk Tony into pulling the hair through
the cap for me, lol.  He did this about 9-10 years
ago and swore he would never do it again.
I think it was because I had really long hair
and it was difficult to pull through the cap.

Not sure if I have a scalp left with
all the poking and prodding I've been through, lol.
I started the pulling the hairs through
the cap first and did the sides and around
my ears.  Next Jonathan wanted to give it a try, lol.

His arms got tired so my relief hair puller stepped in
to take his place, lol.
I just think they all liked the idea of poking me
in the head with a hook!

Before with the medium reddish brown color.

And after with some bronze highlights.
Much better.

Mom won't like it though as she has
always liked my "natural" blonde color.
I say "natural" because it was that when I was a kid
but as I got older my hair darkened to brown and 
to keep the blonde I had to use hair coloring. 
Hey sometimes we change with age right?
I mean really, look at my eyes.
They used to be green and now they look blue.
No, I don't have contact lenses in!
Used to be blonde hair green eyes
and now I'm brown hair blue eyes.
What the frig gives???

And in about 6-7 months I'll go back to my regular light blonde.


It's 49 degrees out and feels like 45 degrees.
The house has been staying at a steady temperature
of 71 degrees.  Seeing how long I can go before
turning the furnace on.

I'm blaming my aches on pains on the cool air outside.
After all this hair doings I found that I am 
barely able to walk.  My right hip has now started
to act up.  I have to hold onto things to walk
from one room to the other and look like a hunchback.  
It feels like bones
rubbing against one another.
Maybe when going to bed tonight I'll
turn the heating pad on for few
to hopefully loosen things up a bit.
I can fix the gray but I don't
know how to fix the pain.  

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