Sunday, October 7, 2012



It's 47 and feels like 43 degrees.
Still no furnace running.
The house only dropped one degree overnight to 70.
Now I did set the thermostat that if it dropped
below 69 degrees the furnace would kick on.
But it never got down that far.

I got a kid saying he's cold BUT he's running
around with a short sleeve shirt on.
Told him to either put on a long sleeve shirt or sweat jacket. 
Dress according to the temperature
or weather first then well talk about how cold you are.

I've started to slowly pull out the Winter clothing
from storage.  Still have a couple pairs of shorts
out for everyone though.  You just never know
in Ohio what the weather will be.

I was just telling the kids that we were running low
on bread and I wish I knew where to get
some cheap bread around here.
Sometimes if I am in the UA Kroger I can
find bread for .49 cents.  But I haven't
been that way in awhile and our Kroger here
doesn't have any marked down bread that I have found.
Low and behold on my door step
is The Bag with store ads in it.
On the front of the bag is an add for Save-A-Lot
and a coupon for bread for .50 cents a loaf, limit 4.
I also see that they have their ground sausage rolls
on sale again for only $1.00.
I'd love to go there and stock up on about
10 to 20 rolls if I could.
The only thing about their sausage is that it's
really greasy and I will drain and then rinse
it off before using in any recipes.
I haven't checked the other ads for grocery stores
because I can't afford anything else
so what's the sense of looking at them. 

Years ago they used to have thrift bakeries around
here that had some really good deals
and I would shop there a lot.  I could find 
bags with 6 loaves of bread for a buck.
Now you cannot even find a thrift bakery anywhere. 


Just gave Tony a hair cut and now he's in the shower.
It's hard to believe I've been giving our family
hair cuts for over 13 years now, never once
going to a barber shop.
Once he's done in the shower we'll be heading over
to Save-A-Lot.  
I'll be keeping my eyes peeled while there because
Save-A-Lot is having a 
Bring Home The Bacon recipe contest. 
 5 finalists will receive a $50 gift card
and one first place winner will get $150 gift card.
You have to use some type of pork and mostly
things that you can buy at their store,
bacon, ham, pork chops, pork roast, etc. 
I have one that I made not long ago that I would
like to enter but need to know the name of
Save-A-Lot ingredients that are the equivalent
to the ones I used.
Contest runs from 10-1 to 10-12 at 9am.
You can only enter one recipe.
I have been entering any contests I can like
crazy.  I think I entered 35-40 flavors for
a Lays potato chip.  That contest is now over.
Three? finalists will be notified around January 12th.

Here is my entry for the Bring Home the Bacon contest
for Save A Lot-
Crock Pot Rostisserie Style Bacon Chicken with Potatoes.


Back from Save-A-Lot.
I didn't find the $1.00 sausage but I did
buy one $1.00 Ekrich bologna, 
two $1.00 John Morrell rope sausage,
two $2.29 2 cups shredded cheese packages
(mozarella and taco cheeses),
one package of american cheese $1.29
and 4 loaves of bread with coupons for .50 cents each. 
So I am at about $40 for the week spent on groceries.

A couple meals listed below for 
Monday & Tuesday.

Pizza with homemade rising crust 
(got the crust going in the bread machine)
topped with mozarella cheese, sliced rope sausage
and green bell peppers from garden.
With a side of homemade copycat Cinnasticks
with homemade pizza dough.

Sloppy Joe Strombolis-
Using a combination of these two recipes
with taco flavored cheese and homemade pizza dough.


Just finished lunch of pot pies.
Time to go down and switch laundry over.
Got 2 more loads to do, one is in the washer
and the other in the dryer.
I have also started taking the Summer clothes
out of the closets and getting them put in storage.
Now I did leave a couple pairs of shorts out
for everyone.

I did notice earlier that the furnace did kick on once
when we got home from Save-A-Lot.
It was because we had the back door open.
It has not kicked on since.
Hoping it stays off.  I'll be baking pizza
and cinnamon sticks later on so that
should help warm the house.


Got supper all prepared and just put it
in the oven.

I sliced up rope sausage and fried it up
in a skillet with bell peppers and a touch
of maple syrup.
I then fried up some onions with a little
bbq seasoning in maple syrup.

Used spaghetti sauce on top the crust.
Then topped with 1 cup mozarella cheese.
Put on peppers, sausage and onions.
Then another cup of mozarella cheese.

On a cookie sheet I pressed out the second have
of the pizza crust dough, spread a little butter
on top.  Then in a bowl mixed together some
brown sugar, regular sugar, cinnamon and
pumpkin pie spice.  I sprinkled this lightly
on top the dough.
I then took kitchen shears and cut the dough.
Once baked I brush it with more melted butter
and cinnamon sugar.
In a zip bag I added powdered sugar,
vanilla and milk.  I'll snip the corner
and drizzle this on top.

Soooo much cheaper than buying from a pizza place!!!


Time to eat.  Yummy!

Well this sucks.  Dead car again.
I keep saying we now own an electric car
because every day there's an extension cord
running from it to the house due to being
put on a charger to keep it going.
Tony has on call at work starting tomorrow.
The pickup battery won't work so
are now checking the TA batteries.
He thinks one of those might work.
Got my fingers crossed.
I don't have an extra $35 to $70 at the moment
for a car battery so have to make do with
what we've got.


Well the battery out of the TA won't work in Tony's car.
I'm gonna have to take money out of our Holiday
saving's account to somehow go and get him
a battery this week.  This one place called
Foster's Battery on Shrock Rd. sells batteries
$30 to $40 for used ones.
Got the car running again with a charger on it.
But it can't be good that we have to keep
charging it all the time to keep it going.
He tested the alternator and it is fine.


Seems like I've been running around like crazy today.
I still have my laundry left to finish and bring upstairs and put away.  Got kids lunch money and clothes to round
up for school tomorrow.  
Oh and I decided to overhaul my bedroom and closet
since I felt I had nothing better to do, lol.
Tony came in while I was doing it and his 
mouth hit the floor seeing stuff everywhere.
But it's all good now.  Stuff's put away.
We can walk around the bedroom now without
tripping over something.
Wearing down that's for sure.
I feel like if I keep moving I don't feel the pain
as much.  If I sit down for a few the pain
and stiffness starts back up.
Ok, back down to the dungeon I go.

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